Pharaohs Lockstone In Dark Souls 2: Locations, Uses, And Strategies

Are you struggling to find Pharaohs Lockstones in Dark Souls 2? These rare items are needed to open special doors and access optional areas. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Pharaohs Lockstones – where to find them, how to use them, and tips to make the most of them.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Pharaohs Lockstones are rare items found throughout Drangleic that are used to open special Pharros’ Contraptions. Some of the best places to find them include the Gutter, Earthen Peak, and Shaded Woods.

Use them wisely to unlock optional zones and pick up valuable loot inside.

In this detailed guide, we’ll cover where to find Pharaohs Lockstones, how to use them at Pharros’ Contraptions, strategies for prioritizing which contraptions to unlock, and tips for collecting as many of these useful but limited items as possible.

What Are Pharaohs Lockstones in Dark Souls 2?

In the world of Dark Souls 2, Pharaohs Lockstones are a special type of item that players can find and use to unlock hidden areas and reveal secrets. These lockstones were created by the ancient pharaohs to safeguard their treasures and protect their tombs from intruders.

They are highly sought-after by adventurers and treasure hunters, as they can lead to valuable rewards and powerful weapons.

Definition and uses

A Pharaohs Lockstone is a small, stone-like object that can be inserted into certain contraptions found throughout the game world. These contraptions, known as Pharros’ Contraptions, are scattered across various locations and can be activated by using a lockstone.

Once activated, these contraptions can trigger a wide range of effects, such as opening hidden doors, revealing secret passages, or even granting access to powerful items.

Pharaohs Lockstones are essential for progressing through certain areas of the game, as they can unlock new paths and shortcuts that were previously inaccessible. They also play a crucial role in uncovering hidden secrets and optional boss fights, making them a valuable asset for players looking to explore every nook and cranny of the game world.

How Pharros’ Contraptions work

Pharros’ Contraptions are mystical devices that respond to the presence of a Pharaohs Lockstone. When a lockstone is inserted into a contraption, it triggers a mechanism that activates the contraption’s special effect.

These effects can vary greatly, depending on the specific contraption and its location.

  • Some contraptions may open secret doors or reveal hidden passages, allowing players to access new areas or shortcuts.
  • Others may activate traps or mechanisms that provide a temporary advantage against enemies or bosses.
  • Certain contraptions may even bestow valuable items or enhance the player’s abilities.

It is important for players to carefully consider when and where to use their Pharaohs Lockstones, as they are a limited resource. It’s always a good idea to explore the surrounding area and gather as much information as possible before using a lockstone, as some contraptions may have hidden consequences or traps.

Where To Find Pharaohs Lockstones

Guaranteed Locations

Pharaohs Lockstones are a valuable item in Dark Souls 2, and they can be found in several guaranteed locations throughout the game. One of the most reliable places to find them is in the Doors of Pharros area, where they can be found as loot or dropped by enemies.

Another guaranteed location is in the Shaded Woods, specifically in the area known as the Ruined Fork Road. Exploring these areas thoroughly will increase your chances of finding Pharaohs Lockstones.

Farming Methods

If you’re looking to acquire multiple Pharaohs Lockstones, farming can be a viable option. One popular method is to join the Rat King covenant and invade other players’ worlds in the Doors of Pharros area. By defeating these players, you have a chance to obtain Pharaohs Lockstones as a reward.

Additionally, certain enemies in the Doors of Pharros have a chance to drop Pharaohs Lockstones when killed. By repeatedly farming these enemies, you can accumulate a significant number of lockstones.

Limited Supply

It’s important to note that Pharaohs Lockstones have a limited supply in the game, so managing them wisely is crucial. While there are guaranteed locations and farming methods to obtain lockstones, it’s still best to use them strategically.

Pharaohs Lockstones are primarily used to unlock hidden passages and access secret areas, so consider saving them for crucial moments in your playthrough. Additionally, some players may trade Pharaohs Lockstones with other players or obtain them through online trading platforms, but be cautious and ensure you’re trading with reputable individuals to avoid scams.

How To Use Pharaohs Lockstones

Pharaohs Lockstones are valuable items in the game Dark Souls 2 that can be used to unlock hidden contraptions known as Pharros’ Contraptions. These contraptions can be found throughout the game world and are typically hidden behind illusory walls or in hard-to-reach areas.

When a Pharaohs Lockstone is used on a Pharros’ Contraption, it activates a mechanism that reveals hidden paths, activates traps, or provides other useful benefits.

Unlocking Pharros’ Contraptions

To use a Pharaohs Lockstone, the player must first locate a Pharros’ Contraption. These contraptions are often found in areas with large, ornate doors or walls that appear out of place. They can also be found in areas with suspicious-looking walls that can be broken down or passed through.

Once the player has found a Pharros’ Contraption, they can interact with it and choose to use a Pharaohs Lockstone.

After using a Pharaohs Lockstone on a Pharros’ Contraption, the contraption will activate and reveal its hidden secrets. This can include opening hidden doors, lighting up dark areas, or even releasing water to extinguish fires.

It’s important to note that not all Pharros’ Contraptions require a Pharaohs Lockstone to activate, so it’s always worth investigating them even if you don’t have a lockstone in your inventory.

Recommended contraptions to unlock

There are numerous Pharros’ Contraptions scattered throughout Dark Souls 2, each offering different benefits and rewards. Here are some of the most highly recommended contraptions to unlock:

  • The Doors of Pharros: Located in the Shaded Woods, this contraption opens a door that leads to a hidden area with valuable treasures.
  • The Gutter: Found in the Black Gulch, this contraption activates a mechanism that lights up the area, making it easier to navigate through the treacherous darkness.
  • Brightstone Cove Tseldora: Situated in the area of the same name, this contraption reveals a hidden chamber filled with valuable loot.

Unlocking Pharros’ Contraptions can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in Dark Souls 2. They can lead to hidden treasures, shortcuts, and valuable resources that can aid you on your journey. So be sure to keep an eye out for these contraptions and use your Pharaohs Lockstones wisely!

Pharaohs Lockstone Strategies and Tips

Prioritize rare loot

When it comes to using Pharaohs Lockstones in Dark Souls 2, it is important to prioritize obtaining rare loot. These valuable items can greatly enhance your gameplay experience, providing you with powerful weapons, useful equipment, or valuable resources.

By using Pharaohs Lockstones in specific locations, you can unlock hidden chambers or activate mechanisms that reveal hidden treasures. Be sure to explore every nook and cranny of the game world and use your Pharaohs Lockstones wisely to unlock these hidden rewards.

Save some for late game

While it may be tempting to use all of your Pharaohs Lockstones as soon as you obtain them, it is advisable to save some for the late game. As you progress through Dark Souls 2, you will encounter increasingly challenging areas and bosses.

By strategically using your Pharaohs Lockstones in these later stages of the game, you can uncover even more powerful loot that will aid you in your battles against formidable enemies. So, exercise patience and save some of those valuable Pharaohs Lockstones for when you truly need them.

Co-op to share resources

In Dark Souls 2, co-op play can be a great way to not only enjoy the game with friends but also to share resources, including Pharaohs Lockstones. Coordinating with your co-op partners can allow you to pool your resources together, making it easier to obtain and use Pharaohs Lockstones when necessary.

Additionally, exploring the game world with others can lead to the discovery of additional rare loot and hidden areas that may require the use of Pharaohs Lockstones. So, don’t hesitate to engage in co-op play and team up to make the most out of your Pharaohs Lockstone resources.


Pharaohs Lockstones are invaluable items in Dark Souls 2. Though limited in supply, they provide access to optional areas packed with rare loot, shortcuts, and hidden secrets. With smart use, they can give you an edge and open up new parts of Drangleic.

By following this guide, you now know the best farming spots, highest priority contraptions to unlock, and strategies to get the most out of your scarce Pharaohs Lockstones. Equipped with this knowledge, you can unlock more of Dark Souls 2’s potential and uncover every hidden corner of the kingdom.

Good luck on your journey through Drangleic!

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