Prestige Beauty Advisor Pay At Ulta: A Comprehensive Guide

Working as a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta can be an exciting career path for someone passionate about beauty, cosmetics, and helping customers find the right products. As one of the largest beauty retailers in the United States, Ulta offers competitive pay and benefits for this role.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The average hourly pay for a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta ranges from around $12 to $17 per hour. This can vary based on experience, location, and other factors.

Job Overview: What is a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta?

A Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta is a highly knowledgeable and skilled professional who specializes in providing personalized beauty advice and recommendations to customers. They work in the prestige cosmetics and skincare section of Ulta Beauty stores, assisting customers in finding the perfect products to enhance their beauty and skincare routine.

They are passionate about the latest beauty trends, products, and techniques, and are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Product Knowledge: A Prestige Beauty Advisor must have a deep understanding of the various brands and products available in the prestige cosmetics and skincare section. They stay up-to-date with the latest beauty trends and attend training sessions to expand their knowledge.
  • Customer Assistance: They assist customers in finding the right products for their specific needs and preferences. They provide personalized recommendations, offer product demonstrations, and educate customers on how to use the products effectively.
  • Sales and Upselling: Prestige Beauty Advisors are responsible for achieving sales targets and upselling products to customers. They inform customers about promotions, special offers, and loyalty programs to encourage repeat business.
  • Clientele Development: They build and maintain a loyal customer base by providing exceptional service and establishing strong relationships. They offer follow-up consultations and keep track of customer preferences to provide personalized recommendations in the future.
  • Merchandising: They ensure the prestige cosmetics and skincare section is well-organized and visually appealing. They restock products, maintain cleanliness, and create attractive displays to attract customers.

Qualifications and Skills Needed

To excel as a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta, certain qualifications and skills are essential:

  • Product Knowledge: A deep understanding of cosmetic and skincare products, including ingredients, benefits, and application techniques, is crucial. Staying updated with the latest beauty trends is also important.
  • Customer Service Skills: Exceptional customer service skills are necessary to provide personalized assistance and recommendations. Patience, empathy, and the ability to listen and understand customer needs are key.
  • Sales and Upselling Abilities: A Prestige Beauty Advisor should have a natural ability to sell and upsell products. They should be persuasive and knowledgeable about promotions and special offers.
  • Communication: Strong verbal communication skills are essential to effectively interact with customers and provide clear explanations and demonstrations of products.
  • Passion for Beauty: A genuine passion for the beauty industry and a desire to stay updated with the latest trends and products are important to excel in this role.

Prestige Beauty Advisor Pay Range at Ulta

Average Hourly Wage

Working as a prestige beauty advisor at Ulta can be a rewarding career choice. In terms of compensation, the average hourly wage for beauty advisors at Ulta is competitive compared to similar positions in the industry.

Although the exact hourly rate may vary depending on factors such as location and experience, the average pay range is typically between $12 to $16 per hour. It’s important to note that Ulta may offer higher wages for experienced beauty advisors or those who excel in their roles.

Additional Compensation and Benefits

In addition to the hourly wage, prestige beauty advisors at Ulta may also receive additional compensation and benefits. These can include commission-based incentives, performance bonuses, and employee discounts on beauty products.

The commission-based incentives allow beauty advisors to earn extra income based on their sales performance. This can be a great motivator for individuals who are passionate about the beauty industry and enjoy helping customers find the perfect products for their needs.

Furthermore, Ulta provides a range of benefits to their employees, including healthcare coverage, retirement savings plans, and paid time off. These benefits contribute to the overall package of being a prestige beauty advisor at Ulta, making it an attractive option for those seeking stability and growth in their careers.

If you’re interested in exploring the pay and benefits of being a prestige beauty advisor at Ulta in more detail, you can visit Ulta’s official website ( for the most up-to-date information.

Factors that Determine Prestige Beauty Advisor Pay

When it comes to determining the pay of prestige beauty advisors at Ulta, several factors come into play. These factors can vary from one location to another, based on the experience level of the advisor, and their sales performance. Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors:

Geographic Location

The geographic location of an Ulta store can have a significant impact on the pay of a prestige beauty advisor. Salaries can vary greatly depending on the cost of living in a specific area. For example, a beauty advisor working in a major city like New York or Los Angeles may earn a higher salary compared to someone working in a smaller town.

This is due to the higher cost of living in these metropolitan areas.

Experience Level

Experience plays a crucial role in determining the pay of a prestige beauty advisor. As an advisor gains more experience and becomes more knowledgeable about the products and techniques, their pay can increase.

Ulta may offer higher salaries or bonuses to those with several years of experience in the beauty industry. This is because experienced advisors are often more sought after by customers and can contribute to the overall success of the store.

Sales Performance

The sales performance of a prestige beauty advisor is another important factor that affects their pay. Ulta may have a commission-based system or performance-based bonuses in place to reward advisors who consistently meet or exceed their sales targets.

Advisors who demonstrate exceptional sales skills and consistently drive revenue for the store may be eligible for higher pay or additional incentives.

It’s important to note that while these factors influence prestige beauty advisor pay at Ulta, the company also has its own pay structure and policies in place. For more detailed and up-to-date information on prestige beauty advisor pay, it is advisable to visit the official Ulta website or speak directly with an Ulta representative.

How to Increase Your Earning Potential as a Prestige Beauty Advisor

Being a prestige beauty advisor at Ulta can be a rewarding career, both personally and financially. If you’re looking to boost your earning potential in this role, here are some tips to help you succeed:

Develop Expert Product Knowledge

One of the best ways to increase your earning potential as a prestige beauty advisor is to become an expert in the products you sell. Take the time to learn about the ingredients, benefits, and usage of each brand and product.

This will not only help you provide better recommendations to customers, but it will also make you more valuable to the company. Customers appreciate knowledgeable beauty advisors who can guide them towards the right products for their needs.

Additionally, having a deep understanding of the products can lead to higher sales and commissions.

Ask About Incentives and Commissions

While the base pay for a prestige beauty advisor at Ulta is competitive, there are often additional incentives and commissions available that can significantly boost your earnings. Make sure to ask your manager or human resources department about any incentive programs or commission structures in place.

Some Ulta stores may offer bonuses for meeting certain sales targets or for selling specific products. By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can increase your earning potential and make your work even more rewarding.

Consider Becoming a Trainer

If you’re looking to take your career as a prestige beauty advisor to the next level, consider becoming a trainer for new hires. This role not only allows you to share your knowledge and expertise with others, but it can also come with additional perks and higher pay.

Trainers are often given a higher hourly rate or a salary increase for their additional responsibilities. Plus, being a trainer can open doors to other advancement opportunities within the company. Talk to your manager about your interest in becoming a trainer and inquire about any requirements or training programs available.

By following these tips and strategies, you can increase your earning potential as a prestige beauty advisor at Ulta. Remember to continually improve your product knowledge, take advantage of incentives and commissions, and consider taking on additional responsibilities such as becoming a trainer.

With dedication and hard work, you can build a successful and rewarding career in the beauty industry.


Working as a Prestige Beauty Advisor at Ulta can be a rewarding career that combines passion for beauty products with helping customers. Key factors that determine pay range for this role include location, experience level, and sales performance.

By developing deep product expertise, maximizing commission opportunities, and taking on training roles, Beauty Advisors can grow their earning potential at Ulta over time.

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