Raid Shadow Legends Warpriest Guide: Skills, Gear And Masteries

Warpriest is an Epic Support champion in Raid Shadow Legends that provides healing, buffs and debuffs to aid your team. She is accessible fairly early in the game and can be a versatile addition to help you progress.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Raid Shadow Legends’ Warpriest.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Warpriest is an Epic Support champion that provides healing, increases Defense and can place a Weaken debuff on enemies. She is worth investing in early game for progression in dungeons and clan boss.

Warpriest’s Skills and How to Use Them

A1 – Restorative Strike

Restorative Strike is Warpriest’s basic attack skill. With this skill, Warpriest strikes an enemy, dealing damage and healing herself based on the amount of damage dealt. It’s a versatile skill that allows her to both deal damage and sustain herself in battles.

When using Restorative Strike, it’s important to prioritize targeting enemies that pose a threat to your team. By dealing damage and healing herself, Warpriest can effectively turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Additionally, this skill synergizes well with her other abilities, making her a reliable support champion.

A2 – Heal All Allies

Heal All Allies is Warpriest’s second skill, and it does exactly what its name suggests – it heals all allies. This skill is crucial for keeping your team alive in challenging battles. Warpriest’s healing ability is based on her own HP, making her a valuable asset in sustaining your team’s health.

When using Heal All Allies, it’s important to time it strategically. For example, if your team is low on health or if a powerful enemy attack is incoming, using this skill can turn the tide of battle and give your team the advantage.

It’s also worth noting that this skill has a relatively short cooldown, allowing Warpriest to provide consistent healing support.

A3 – Defense Buff

Warpriest’s third skill is a valuable defensive ability that provides a defense buff to all allies. This buff increases the defense of your team, making them more resilient against enemy attacks. It’s a great skill to use when facing tough enemies or during long boss battles.

Using the Defense Buff skill strategically can greatly increase the survivability of your team. Pairing this skill with Warpriest’s healing abilities can create a strong defensive synergy. It’s important to note that the defense buff has a duration, so timing is key to maximize its effectiveness.

Passive – Determination

Warpriest’s passive ability, Determination, further enhances her supportive role. This ability has a chance to remove one random debuff from each ally at the start of their turn. It’s a powerful passive that can help your team recover from harmful debuffs and maintain their effectiveness in battle.

Determination is a passive ability that activates automatically, making it a reliable source of debuff removal. Having Warpriest in your team can provide a crucial advantage in battles where debuffs are prevalent.

It’s worth noting that Determination’s activation chance increases with Warpriest’s level and can be further improved through masteries.

Best Gear for Warpriest

When it comes to gearing up your Warpriest in Raid Shadow Legends, there are a few key factors to consider. In this guide, we’ll explore the best gear options for Warpriest, focusing on stats to prioritize and the most effective artifact sets to use.

Stats to Focus On

Before diving into the specific gear sets, it’s important to understand which stats are most important for Warpriest. As a support champion, Warpriest excels in healing and providing support to her allies. Therefore, prioritizing stats such as HP (Health Points), Speed, and Accuracy is crucial.

HP will ensure she has the durability to withstand enemy attacks, Speed will allow her to act more frequently, and Accuracy will improve the success rate of her healing and debuff removal abilities.

Artifact Sets

Choosing the right artifact sets for Warpriest can greatly enhance her effectiveness in battle. Two sets that work particularly well for her are the SPEED Gear Set and the Perception Gear Set.

SPEED Gear Set

The SPEED Gear Set is an excellent choice for Warpriest, as it significantly increases her Speed stat. This allows her to act more frequently, ensuring she can heal and support her allies at a faster rate.

Additionally, the set bonus of increasing Turn Meter by 10% when an ally is attacked can be incredibly useful in keeping her turn cycle consistent.

Perception Gear Set

The Perception Gear Set is another great option for Warpriest, as it boosts her Accuracy stat. This is especially important for her healing abilities, as a higher accuracy will improve the success rate of her heals and debuff removal.

In a game where accuracy is key, this gear set can make a significant difference in Warpriest’s overall effectiveness.

It’s worth noting that while these two gear sets are highly recommended for Warpriest, there may be other sets that can also work well depending on your specific team composition and playstyle. Experimenting with different sets and finding what works best for your Warpriest can lead to even greater success on the battlefield.

For more information and detailed gear recommendations for Warpriest, be sure to check out, a popular resource for Raid Shadow Legends players.

Masteries for Warpriest

Choosing the right masteries for your Warpriest is crucial in maximizing her potential on the battlefield. With the right masteries, she can become a formidable force, capable of healing and supporting her team while also dealing damage to the enemy.

In this guide, we will explore the three different mastery trees and discuss which masteries are best suited for Warpriest.

Offense Tree

The Offense Tree focuses on enhancing Warpriest’s damage-dealing abilities. It includes masteries that increase her critical hit chance, critical damage, and overall damage output. Some essential masteries in this tree include:

  • Deadly Precision: Increases the chances of landing a critical hit.
  • Keen Strike: Increases critical damage.
  • Whirlwind of Death: Increases damage output when attacking multiple enemies.

By investing in these masteries, Warpriest can deal significant damage to her enemies, making her a valuable asset in any battle.

Defense Tree

The Defense Tree focuses on improving Warpriest’s survivability and ability to sustain her team. It includes masteries that increase her defense, resistance to debuffs, and healing abilities. Some important masteries in this tree include:

  • Rejuvenation: Increases the amount of healing Warpriest provides to her allies.
  • Resurgent: Increases Warpriest’s healing abilities when her health is low.
  • Tough Skin: Increases Warpriest’s defense, making her harder to kill.

Investing in these masteries will make Warpriest a reliable healer and support unit, ensuring that her team stays alive during intense battles.

Support Tree

The Support Tree focuses on enhancing Warpriest’s utility and support capabilities. It includes masteries that increase her turn meter, decrease the cooldown of her skills, and provide additional buffs to her team. Some key masteries in this tree include:

  • Master Hexer: Decreases the cooldown of Warpriest’s skills.
  • Quick Reflexes: Increases Warpriest’s turn meter when attacked.
  • Pinpoint Accuracy: Increases the chances of Warpriest applying debuffs to enemies.

By investing in these masteries, Warpriest can provide even more support to her team, allowing them to gain the upper hand in battles.

Remember, the choice of masteries ultimately depends on your playstyle and the specific needs of your team. Experiment with different combinations to find the ones that work best for you. For more information and detailed mastery guides, you can visit or consult other experienced players in the Raid Shadow Legends community.

Where Warpriest Shines

Warpriest, the versatile champion from Raid Shadow Legends, excels in various aspects of the game. Whether you need a reliable campaign farmer, a support champion for dungeons, or a healer for your Clan Boss battles, Warpriest has got you covered.

Let’s explore her strengths in different areas of the game.

Campaign Farmer

One of Warpriest’s standout abilities is her AoE (Area of Effect) attack, which allows her to deal damage to multiple enemies at once. This makes her an excellent choice for farming campaign stages efficiently.

With her healing abilities, she can sustain herself even during tough battles, ensuring a smooth farming experience. So, if you’re looking for a champion to breeze through campaign stages and level up your other champions quickly, Warpriest is a fantastic choice.


In dungeons, Warpriest’s healing abilities truly shine. Her skills not only restore a significant amount of health to your team but also provide continuous healing over time. This makes her invaluable in dungeons where sustainability is crucial.

Additionally, her AoE attack can help take down waves of enemies, making her a valuable asset in clearing waves quickly. So, whether you’re tackling the Spider’s Den or the Dragon’s Lair, Warpriest can greatly contribute to your team’s survivability.

Clan Boss

Warpriest’s healing and support abilities make her an excellent choice for Clan Boss battles. Her continuous healing can help offset the damage dealt by the boss, keeping your team alive for longer. Additionally, her ability to remove debuffs from your team can prove to be a game-changer, especially when facing bosses with powerful debuff attacks.

With the right gear and masteries, Warpriest can significantly enhance your team’s survivability and increase your chances of defeating the Clan Boss.

Doom Tower

In the challenging Doom Tower, Warpriest can provide much-needed healing and support to your team. Her ability to remove debuffs becomes even more valuable when facing tough enemies with debilitating effects.

Additionally, her AoE attack can help clear waves of weaker enemies, making her a reliable choice for various floors in the Doom Tower. So, if you’re aiming to conquer this formidable challenge, don’t underestimate the power of Warpriest.


In the Arena, Warpriest’s healing and support abilities can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Her continuous healing can keep your team alive, allowing them to withstand the enemy’s onslaught. Additionally, her ability to remove debuffs can nullify the impact of enemy crowd control skills.

With the right gear and masteries, Warpriest can become a formidable force in the Arena. So, if you’re looking to climb the ranks and dominate your opponents, consider adding Warpriest to your Arena team.

Warpriest Late Game Use

Warpriest, the versatile support champion in Raid Shadow Legends, continues to be a valuable asset in the late game. With her healing abilities and buffs, she proves to be an essential member of any team. Here are some ways in which Warpriest shines in the late game:

Faction Wars

Faction Wars is a challenging game mode where you can pit your champions against powerful enemies from specific factions. Warpriest’s healing abilities make her an excellent choice for Faction Wars. Her ability to heal allies and remove debuffs ensures that your team can withstand the onslaught of enemy attacks.

Additionally, her buffs can significantly boost your team’s offensive capabilities, allowing them to deal with tougher opponents more effectively.

Secret Rooms

In Secret Rooms, where you face off against some of the toughest challenges in Raid Shadow Legends, Warpriest’s healing prowess becomes even more crucial. Her ability to heal multiple allies at once can help sustain your team throughout the battles.

Moreover, her buffs can provide crucial bonuses such as increased defense or attack, giving your team an edge against formidable opponents. So don’t underestimate the power of Warpriest when tackling Secret Rooms!

Hard Doom Tower Floors

The Doom Tower is Raid Shadow Legends’ most challenging content, and the Hard floors can be particularly daunting. Warpriest’s healing abilities make her a valuable asset in these battles. With her help, your team can stay alive longer, increasing your chances of defeating the powerful enemies that await.

Additionally, her buffs can give your champions the necessary boost to deal with the increased difficulty of the Hard Doom Tower floors. So make sure to include Warpriest in your team when taking on these formidable challenges!


Warpriest is a versatile support champion that can provide healing, buffs and debuffs for your team. She shines early and mid-game for progression in dungeons and clan boss. While outclassed late game, she still has uses in specific areas like Secret Rooms.

Overall, Warpriest is a great Epic to invest in if you pull her early on.

With the right gear, masteries and team composition, Warpriest can significantly aid your dungeon runs and clan boss fights. Use this guide to maximize her potential and take your Raid account to the next level.

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