What’S The Deal With Raptors Having Black Feathers In Elden Ring?

The imposing raptors found throughout the Lands Between in Elden Ring sport a striking coat of black feathers. Given that most raptors in the real world don’t have black plumage, this design choice stands out. So what’s the deal with the raptors’ dark feathers in Elden Ring?

We’ll explore possible lore-related reasons and real-world inspirations behind this creative decision by FromSoftware.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: The raptors’ black feathers in Elden Ring likely draw inspiration from dark-colored birds of prey in real life, while also serving as a symbolic contrast to the golden grace and white erdtree motifs found throughout the game.

In-Game Lore and Symbolism

The presence of black feathers on the raptors in Elden Ring holds significant meaning within the game’s lore and symbolism. These dark plumages not only add visual contrast to the creatures but also convey deeper thematic elements that enrich the game’s narrative experience.

Contrast to Golden Grace

The black feathers on the raptors serve as a stark contrast to the prevalent theme of golden grace and beauty found throughout Elden Ring. In this fantastical world, where vibrant landscapes and majestic creatures abound, the inclusion of these dark feathers creates a visual dichotomy that captures the attention of players.

It symbolizes the inherent duality of the game’s universe, where light and darkness coexist.

Raptors, known for their agility and predatory nature, embody a sense of untamed wilderness. The black feathers emphasize their wild and mysterious nature, standing in stark contrast to the radiant and elegant beings that populate the world of Elden Ring.

Association With Deathroots

Another possible explanation for the presence of black feathers on the raptors lies in their association with Deathroots, a sinister and mystical plant found in the game’s lore. The Deathroots are known to possess dark and magical properties, often associated with necromancy and the manipulation of souls.

It is believed that the raptors, with their black feathers, have a symbiotic relationship with the Deathroots. They are drawn to these malevolent plants, using them as a source of power and sustenance.

This connection adds depth to the raptors’ character and hints at their role in the larger narrative of Elden Ring.

Furthermore, the black feathers serve as a visual cue to alert players of the raptors’ association with the Deathroots. It acts as a warning, indicating that encounters with these creatures may be more perilous than with their golden-feathered counterparts.

Real-World Inspirations

The world of Elden Ring draws inspiration from various real-world elements, and the presence of black feathers on raptors is no exception. Let’s explore some of the real-life inspirations behind this intriguing feature.

Golden Eagles

Golden eagles, known for their majestic appearance and powerful hunting abilities, could be a possible inspiration for the black-feathered raptors in Elden Ring. These birds of prey are known for their dark brown feathers, which could be interpreted as black in certain lighting conditions.

The designers may have taken cues from the fierce and regal nature of golden eagles to create the mysterious and formidable raptors in the game.

Black Kites

Black kites, another species of raptors, are known for their distinctive dark plumage. These birds have black feathers that contrast with their pale heads and underparts. The designers of Elden Ring may have drawn inspiration from the striking appearance of black kites to create the visually striking black-feathered raptors in the game.

Just like black kites, these creatures might possess a cunning and predatory nature, adding to the challenge and intrigue of encounters with them.


Ravens, often associated with mystery and darkness in folklore and mythology, could also be an inspiration for the black-feathered raptors in Elden Ring. These highly intelligent birds are known for their jet-black feathers and their ability to thrive in a wide range of environments.

The designers might have incorporated the cunning and adaptability of ravens into the behavior and appearance of the black-feathered raptors in the game.

While the exact inspirations behind the black feathers on raptors in Elden Ring may remain a mystery, it’s clear that the designers have drawn from real-world raptors to create a sense of realism and intrigue in the game.

These creatures, with their dark plumage and predatory nature, are sure to provide players with challenging encounters and add to the immersive experience of exploring the world of Elden Ring.

Raptor Feather Color in Previous FromSoftware Games

FromSoftware games have always been known for their attention to detail and intricate lore. One aspect that has caught the attention of many players is the color of the feathers on the raptors found within these games.

Let’s take a closer look at the significance of raptor feather color in previous FromSoftware titles.

Hawkshaw Lore Connections

In previous FromSoftware games, such as the critically acclaimed Dark Souls series, raptors with black feathers are often associated with a particular character or lore element. One notable example is the Hawkshaw, a legendary creature known for its black feathers and connection to the divine.

These creatures are often seen as harbingers of important events or acts as guides for the player character.

Did you know? The choice of black feathers for these raptors could symbolize their connection to darkness or the unknown, adding an air of mystery to the game’s story and world.

For more information on the lore connections between raptors and black feathers in FromSoftware games, you can visit the official FromSoftware website.

Corvians in Ashes of Ariandel

Another FromSoftware game that features raptors with black feathers is Ashes of Ariandel, the DLC expansion for Dark Souls III. In this expansion, players encounter a new enemy type called Corvians, humanoid creatures with bird-like features and black feathers.

These Corvians play a significant role in the DLC’s story and add a unique challenge for players to overcome.

It is believed that the choice of black feathers for the Corvians in Ashes of Ariandel is a deliberate design choice to enhance their eerie and mysterious nature. The black feathers serve to create a stark contrast against the snowy landscapes of the DLC, making them even more visually striking.

Fun fact: The Corvians in Ashes of Ariandel have become a fan-favorite enemy among players, praised for their challenging combat abilities and intriguing lore connections.

For a deeper dive into the lore and design choices behind the Corvians in Ashes of Ariandel, you may want to check out the Dark Souls III Wiki.

Fan Theories on Raptor Feather Symbolism

One of the most intriguing aspects of the upcoming game Elden Ring is the presence of raptors with black feathers. These majestic creatures have sparked numerous fan theories regarding the symbolism behind their appearance.

Let’s explore some of the most popular theories circulating among the gaming community.

Representing Deathblight

One theory suggests that the black feathers of the raptors in Elden Ring may be a visual representation of the game’s central concept of Deathblight. Deathblight is a mysterious force that permeates the world of Elden Ring, causing decay and destruction wherever it spreads.

Black feathers, often associated with darkness and death, could serve as a visual reminder of this omnipresent threat. It is speculated that encountering these raptors in the game may serve as a warning to the player that Deathblight is nearby and they should proceed with caution.

Evoking Photophore Birds

Another theory proposes that the raptors’ black feathers may be inspired by real-life birds known as photophores. Photophore birds are known for their ability to emit light through specialized feathers, creating stunning visual displays.

In Elden Ring, the black feathers of the raptors could be a nod to this natural phenomenon, symbolizing the creatures’ connection to a hidden source of power or magic. This theory suggests that these raptors may play a significant role in the game’s storyline, offering the player unique abilities or insights into the game’s world.

While these theories are purely speculative and based on limited information, they showcase the creativity and enthusiasm of the gaming community. As players eagerly await the release of Elden Ring, the mystery behind the raptors’ black feathers continues to captivate their imaginations.

Only time will tell if these theories hold true or if the game will surprise us with an entirely different explanation for this intriguing symbolism.

Importance of Bird Imagery in Elden Ring

Bird imagery plays a significant role in the highly anticipated video game Elden Ring. From the presence of black feathers on the raptors to the deeper symbolism behind certain characters and their associations with birds, this article will explore the importance of bird imagery in the game’s lore and narrative.

Mibu Possession

One fascinating aspect of bird imagery in Elden Ring is the concept of Mibu Possession. In the game, certain characters have the ability to possess birds, granting them unique powers and insights. This possession is not only a gameplay mechanic but also serves as a metaphorical representation of the characters’ connection to nature and the spiritual realm.

Through Mibu Possession, players can tap into the birds’ perspective, gaining access to hidden areas, hidden items, or even important pieces of lore. It adds an element of mystery and exploration to the game, encouraging players to interact with the bird imagery and uncover its secrets.

Fia’s Champions

In Elden Ring, Fia’s Champions are a group of powerful warriors who are closely associated with birds. These champions harness the strength and agility of birds, making them formidable foes in battle. They are often depicted wearing bird-like masks or helmets, further emphasizing their connection to avian imagery.

The bird symbolism associated with Fia’s Champions adds depth to their characters and highlights their unique abilities. It also raises intriguing questions about the origin of their powers and the nature of their connection to the avian world.

Exploring the lore surrounding Fia’s Champions and their relationship with birds can provide players with a deeper understanding of the game’s story.

Maliketh Lore

The lore surrounding Maliketh, one of the central characters in Elden Ring, also incorporates bird imagery. Maliketh is known as the “Raven King” and is closely associated with ravens in the game. Ravens are often associated with death and prophecy in mythology, and this association carries over into Elden Ring.

According to the game’s lore, Maliketh possesses the ability to communicate with ravens and receives visions of the future through them. This connection to the avian world adds an element of mysticism and foreboding to Maliketh’s character, making him a central figure in the game’s overarching narrative.

For more information about bird imagery and its significance in Elden Ring, you can visit www.eldenring.com/lore.


While there’s no definitive explanation from FromSoftware, the raptors’ black feathers in Elden Ring likely carry symbolic meaning while also drawing inspiration from real-world birds of prey. Their dark coloration provides stark contrast to the game’s golden and white motifs.

And like much of Elden Ring’s cryptic lore, fans continue spinning creative theories about the deeper meaning behind the raptors’ sinister design.

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