A Guide To Slaying Vampires In Slay The Spire

Fighting vampires is one of the greatest challenges you’ll face as you climb the spire in Slay the Spire. With their high health, scaling damage, and dangerous abilities like Lifesteal, Vampire enemies can quickly overwhelm an unprepared player.

If you’re struggling against Slay the Spire’s vampiric foes, here’s a quick answer: Bring single target damage cards like Hemokinesis and Crippling Cloud. Pick up relics that apply Vulnerable or Weak. And don’t ignore Vampire attacks in early fights, or they’ll scale out of control.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore vampire enemies in Slay the Spire in-depth. You’ll learn tips and strategies for defeating each vampire type, the best cards and relics to counter them, and how to avoid their scaling damage.

Vampire Enemies Overview

In the dark and treacherous world of Slay the Spire, you will encounter a variety of formidable foes. Among them, the vampires pose a unique challenge with their ability to drain your precious life force.

In this guide, we will take a closer look at three vampire enemies: the Cultist, the Chosen, and the Blood Bat. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is crucial if you hope to emerge victorious in your quest.


The Cultist is the most common vampire enemy you will encounter in Slay the Spire. These bloodthirsty creatures are relentless in their pursuit of your life essence. They have moderate health and deal moderate damage. What sets them apart, however, is their ability to regenerate health.

The Cultist will heal for a portion of the damage they deal, making them a formidable opponent that can quickly regain strength if left unchecked. It’s crucial to prioritize taking down the Cultist as quickly as possible to prevent them from healing and prolonging the battle.


The Chosen is a more powerful vampire enemy that you will encounter as you progress through the Spire. They have higher health and deal more damage compared to the Cultist. What makes the Chosen particularly dangerous is their ability to inflict the Vampiric Bite debuff.

When hit by this attack, you will lose health equal to the damage dealt, and the Chosen will heal for the same amount. This can quickly turn the tide of battle in their favor if not properly managed. Keep a close eye on your health and consider using cards that provide healing or mitigation when facing the Chosen.

Blood Bat

The Blood Bat is a flying vampire enemy that is known for its agility and evasiveness. These creatures have lower health compared to the Cultist and the Chosen, but they make up for it with their ability to dodge attacks.

The Blood Bat has a chance to evade any damage you deal, making them frustratingly difficult to hit. Additionally, they have the ability to drain your life force with their attacks, healing themselves for a portion of the damage dealt.

When facing a Blood Bat, focus on cards or abilities that can bypass their evasion or deal damage in a wide area to increase your chances of landing a successful hit.

Now that you have a better understanding of the vampire enemies in Slay the Spire, you can approach battles with them more strategically. Remember to prioritize taking down Cultists to prevent them from healing, be cautious of the Vampiric Bite debuff inflicted by the Chosen, and develop a plan to deal with the evasive Blood Bats.

Good luck on your quest to slay the vampires and conquer the Spire!

Cards that Counter Vampires

When facing vampires in the game Slay the Spire, it is important to have a strong deck strategy that can effectively counter their abilities. Here are three powerful cards that can help you slay vampires with ease.


Hemokinesis is a powerful attack card that can deal significant damage to vampires. It allows you to sacrifice a portion of your own health to deal damage to your enemies. This card is particularly effective against vampires, as they rely on their own health to regenerate and heal themselves.

By using Hemokinesis, you can not only deal damage to the vampire, but also limit their ability to heal, making it easier to defeat them.

Crippling Cloud

Crippling Cloud is a skill card that inflicts the “Weak” debuff on all enemies. This debuff reduces the damage output of the affected enemies, making it an excellent card to use against vampires. By weakening the vampire, you can minimize the damage they can inflict on you, giving you a better chance of emerging victorious in battle.

Additionally, Crippling Cloud also deals damage over time, further weakening the vampire’s health.


Rupture is a power card that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. This card grants you additional strength every time you lose health. Against vampires, Rupture can be a game-changer. As vampires often have abilities that drain your health, Rupture allows you to turn their attacks into an advantage.

The more health you lose, the stronger you become, making it easier to defeat the vampire in battle.

These three cards are just a few examples of the many strategies you can employ to counter vampires in Slay the Spire. By utilizing the right cards and building a strong deck, you can increase your chances of slaying vampires and emerging victorious in your quest.

Relics to Take Down Vampires

Vampires can be tough opponents in the game Slay the Spire, but with the right relics, you can have the upper hand. Here are some relics that are particularly effective against vampires:


The Kunai relic is a fantastic choice when facing vampires. Each time you play three attacks in a single turn, you gain 1 Dexterity. This extra Dexterity increases your block and makes it easier to dodge the vampires’ deadly attacks.

Take advantage of this relic by building a deck focused on high attack damage.


The Shuriken relic is another great tool for slaying vampires. Every time you play three attacks in a single turn, you gain 1 Strength. This extra Strength boosts your attack damage and helps you deal significant damage to vampires.

Combine this relic with cards that generate multiple attacks to maximize its effectiveness.

Ornamental Fan

The Ornamental Fan relic is a powerful defensive option against vampires. It provides 3 Block at the start of each combat, making it easier for you to withstand the vampires’ relentless assault. This relic is especially useful in longer battles where the vampires’ attacks can quickly drain your health.

Pair it with cards that can generate additional block for even better defense.

Remember, relics are just one part of a successful strategy against vampires in Slay the Spire. Building a well-rounded deck with a mix of offense and defense is key. Experiment with different relics and card combinations to find the approach that works best for you.

Character-Specific Vampire Strategies


As the Ironclad, slaying vampires in Slay the Spire can be a formidable task. However, with the right strategy, you can overcome these bloodthirsty foes. One effective approach is to focus on building a deck that emphasizes high damage output and healing abilities.

Cards like Feed and Reaper can be particularly useful in dealing damage to vampires while also restoring your own health. Additionally, utilizing relics such as Vampire’s Fang can help turn the tide in your favor.

Remember to prioritize removing cards that slow down your deck and focus on maximizing your offensive capabilities.


For the Silent, a different approach is required to slay vampires. As a stealthy assassin, your goal is to deal damage quickly and efficiently. Cards like Poison Stab and Bouncing Flask can be effective in applying poison, which can chip away at the vampire’s health over time.

Utilizing relics such as Toxic Egg can help upgrade your poison cards for even greater effectiveness. Additionally, consider utilizing cards that provide block and draw options to maintain your survivability while dealing with vampires.

Keep in mind that vampires have high health regen, so focusing on dealing consistent damage is key.


The Defect’s unique abilities make it a versatile character when it comes to slaying vampires. One effective strategy is to focus on building a deck that maximizes your orb generation and channeling abilities.

Cards like Electrodynamics and Loop can help deal passive damage to vampires while also providing you with block. Utilizing relics such as Frozen Core can help preserve your orb slots, allowing you to maintain a strong offense.

Keep in mind that vampires have high damage output, so prioritizing defense and block cards is crucial in surviving their attacks.


As the newest addition to Slay the Spire, the Watcher brings a unique playstyle to the table. To effectively slay vampires as the Watcher, focus on building a deck that revolves around stance dancing. Cards like Wallop and Talk to the Hand can be particularly effective in dealing damage while also providing you with block.

Utilizing relics such as Blue Candle can help you manipulate your stances more effectively. Remember to strategically switch between stances to maximize your damage output while also prioritizing defensive options to withstand the vampire’s attacks.

General Tips for Fighting Vampires

Vampires can be some of the trickiest enemies to deal with in the game Slay the Spire. With their high health, powerful attacks, and unique mechanics, it’s important to have a solid strategy in place when facing off against these blood-suckers.

Here are some general tips to help you slay vampires and come out victorious:

Don’t Ignore Early Vampires

When you encounter a vampire early on in your run, it can be tempting to ignore them and focus on other enemies. However, this can be a grave mistake. Vampires have a tendency to rapidly regenerate health, making them increasingly difficult to defeat the longer the battle goes on.

It’s crucial to prioritize these enemies and take them down as quickly as possible.

Balance AoE and Single Target Damage

Dealing with vampires requires finding the right balance between area-of-effect (AoE) damage and single-target damage. Vampires often have minions accompanying them, so using AoE attacks to clear out these minions can help prevent them from healing the vampire.

On the other hand, focusing solely on the vampire itself with high single-target damage can ensure you take it down quickly before it has a chance to regenerate its health.

Play Around Lifesteal

Vampires have a unique ability called lifesteal, which allows them to recover health whenever they deal damage. To counter this, consider using cards or relics that apply debuffs or weaken the vampire’s attacks.

By reducing their damage output, you can minimize the amount of health they are able to regain through lifesteal. Additionally, cards that apply poison or other damage over time effects can be highly effective against vampires, as it bypasses their lifesteal mechanic.

Remember, each encounter with a vampire in Slay the Spire can be different, depending on the character you’re playing, the cards and relics you have, and the specific vampire variant you’re facing. These general tips should serve as a foundation for your strategy, but don’t be afraid to experiment and adapt based on the unique circumstances of each battle.

Happy vampire slaying!


While vampires may seem daunting with their terrifying masks and life-draining attacks, they fall like any other Spire foe when countered properly. Bring targeted damage, relics that impose debuffs, and class-specific vampire slaying tactics, and you’ll eventually beat these blood-drinking baddies.

With this guide’s tips, your next climb up the Slay the Spire spire will see you driving stakes through vampire hearts in no time. You’ll be feasting on their essence instead of the other way around!

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