Starbucks Barista Hourly Wages And Pay In 2023

Are you interested in becoming a barista at Starbucks? One of the first things you’ll want to know is how much Starbucks pays its baristas. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about Starbucks barista hourly wages, pay rates, and other compensation.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The average Starbucks barista makes between $11-$16 per hour, with shift supervisors making up to $18 per hour. Exact pay is based on location, experience, and other factors.

We’ll go over key details like starting hourly wages, raises, tips, bonuses, and benefits to help you understand how much Starbucks baristas really make.

Starbucks Barista Hourly Pay Rates

Working as a barista at Starbucks offers a great opportunity for individuals to gain valuable experience in the coffee industry, while also earning a competitive hourly wage. Let’s take a closer look at the hourly pay rates for Starbucks baristas in 2023.

Starting Wage for Baristas

For those just starting their journey as a Starbucks barista, the starting wage is quite impressive. As of 2023, Starbucks offers new baristas an hourly rate of $12.50, which is higher than the federal minimum wage in most states.

This starting wage is a reflection of Starbucks’ commitment to providing fair compensation to its employees from day one.

Average Hourly Wage for Baristas

As baristas gain experience and become more proficient in their craft, their hourly wage at Starbucks increases. On average, Starbucks baristas earn around $15 per hour. This average wage takes into account factors such as years of experience, performance, and location.

It’s important to note that Starbucks has a strong reputation for valuing and investing in its employees, which is reflected in the competitive hourly wages they offer.

Maximum Pay for Baristas

For those baristas who have been with Starbucks for a longer period of time and have consistently excelled in their roles, there is the opportunity to reach the maximum pay rate. While the exact maximum pay rate can vary based on factors such as location and position, it can go up to $20 per hour.

This is a testament to Starbucks’ recognition of the hard work and dedication of their long-term, high-performing baristas.

It’s worth mentioning that the hourly pay rates discussed here are subject to change and may vary based on factors such as regional cost of living and Starbucks’ corporate policies. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s always best to refer to official sources such as the Starbucks careers website ( or consult with a Starbucks representative.

Factors Affecting Starbucks Barista Pay


The location where a Starbucks barista works can have a significant impact on their hourly wages. In general, wages tend to be higher in cities with a higher cost of living. For example, baristas working in New York City or San Francisco can expect to earn higher wages compared to those working in smaller towns or rural areas.

This is due to the higher demand for skilled workers and the increased cost of living in these urban areas.

Experience Level

The level of experience a Starbucks barista has can also affect their pay. Typically, entry-level baristas with little to no experience will start at a lower hourly wage, while those with more experience or who have been with the company for a longer period of time may earn a higher wage.

This is because experienced baristas are often more efficient and skilled in their role, resulting in higher productivity and customer satisfaction.

Job Performance

Job performance is another factor that can impact a Starbucks barista’s pay. Baristas who consistently provide excellent customer service, demonstrate strong product knowledge, and meet or exceed performance targets may be eligible for pay raises or bonuses.

Starbucks values employees who go above and beyond in their role and reward their efforts accordingly.

Shift Supervisors vs Baristas

Within the Starbucks hierarchy, shift supervisors typically earn a higher wage compared to regular baristas. Shift supervisors have additional responsibilities, such as overseeing a team of baristas, managing inventory, and handling customer complaints.

These added responsibilities come with a higher level of accountability and therefore a higher pay rate.

It’s important to note that these factors are not exhaustive and may vary depending on the specific location and individual circumstances. For more detailed information on Starbucks barista wages and pay, you can visit the Starbucks Careers website or refer to the company’s official statements and reports.

Other Ways Starbucks Baristas Earn Money

Working as a Starbucks barista not only provides a competitive hourly wage, but also offers additional opportunities for baristas to earn extra money. Here are some of the ways Starbucks baristas can boost their income:


One of the main sources of additional income for Starbucks baristas is through tips. Customers often show their appreciation for excellent service by leaving a tip in the tip jar or adding it to their card payment.

Tipping culture varies from country to country, but in the United States, it’s customary to tip for good service. These tips can add up significantly and provide baristas with an extra income stream.

Bonuses and Incentives

Starbucks values its employees and provides various bonuses and incentives to reward their hard work. Throughout the year, baristas have the opportunity to earn additional bonuses based on their performance and meeting certain targets.

These bonuses can include cash rewards, gift cards, or even company stock options. Starbucks also offers incentives for employees who refer new hires, creating additional income opportunities for baristas.

Overtime Pay

During busy periods or when extra staff is needed, Starbucks may require baristas to work overtime. Overtime pay is typically higher than regular hourly wages and provides baristas with an opportunity to earn extra money.

It’s important to note that overtime pay may be subject to specific labor laws and regulations, so it’s essential for baristas to familiarize themselves with their rights and entitlements regarding overtime pay.

Stock Options

Starbucks offers its employees the opportunity to participate in the company’s stock option program. This program allows baristas to purchase company stock at a discounted price, creating a potential for future financial gain.

By investing in Starbucks’ stock, baristas can potentially earn additional income through the growth of the company’s value over time.

These additional income opportunities, such as tips, bonuses, overtime pay, and stock options, provide Starbucks baristas with various ways to supplement their hourly wages and increase their overall earnings.

It’s important for baristas to take advantage of these opportunities and make the most out of their employment at Starbucks.

Benefits for Starbucks Baristas

Working as a barista at Starbucks comes with a range of benefits that make it an attractive career choice for many individuals. In addition to competitive hourly wages, Starbucks offers numerous perks to its baristas.

These benefits not only enhance the overall work experience but also contribute to the well-being and job satisfaction of the employees.

Health Insurance

Starbucks understands the importance of employee health and well-being. As a result, they provide comprehensive health insurance coverage for their baristas. This includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, ensuring that employees have access to essential healthcare services.

The company strives to offer affordable and high-quality coverage to its employees, promoting a healthy and secure work environment.

Retirement Plans

Planning for retirement is crucial, and Starbucks recognizes this. The company offers retirement plans, such as a 401(k) savings plan, to help baristas secure their financial futures. Through this plan, employees can contribute a portion of their earnings towards their retirement savings, with the added benefit of employer matching contributions.

This empowers baristas to build a strong foundation for their post-work life.

Employee Discounts

Being a Starbucks barista comes with the advantage of enjoying employee discounts. Baristas can avail themselves of discounts on food and beverages, as well as merchandise sold at Starbucks stores. This perk not only helps baristas save money but also allows them to indulge in their favorite Starbucks products at a more affordable price.

It’s a great way for employees to feel valued and appreciated by the company.

Paid Time Off

Starbucks recognizes the importance of work-life balance and understands that employees need time off to recharge and take care of personal matters. Therefore, baristas are entitled to paid time off, including vacation and sick leave.

This ensures that employees have the flexibility to take time off when needed, without the worry of losing income. It also promotes a healthier work-life balance, contributing to overall job satisfaction.

Free Coffee and Beverages

One of the most well-known perks of working at Starbucks is the free coffee and beverages that baristas receive during their shifts. This not only keeps baristas energized throughout their workday but also allows them to explore and enjoy the wide range of Starbucks offerings.

It’s a small but meaningful perk that adds to the overall positive work experience at Starbucks.

Overall, Starbucks goes above and beyond to provide its baristas with a comprehensive benefits package. From health insurance and retirement plans to employee discounts and paid time off, Starbucks ensures that its baristas are well taken care of.

These benefits contribute to a positive and rewarding work environment, making Starbucks an attractive employer in the coffee industry.

How Starbucks Barista Pay Compares to Other Coffee Chains

Starbucks is known for its commitment to fair wages and benefits for its employees, particularly its baristas. In 2023, Starbucks continues to lead the way in terms of hourly wages and pay in the coffee industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how Starbucks barista pay compares to other popular coffee chains.

Compared to Peet’s Coffee

When comparing Starbucks barista pay to Peet’s Coffee, Starbucks comes out on top. According to recent data, Starbucks baristas earn an average hourly wage of $12.50, while Peet’s Coffee baristas earn an average of $11.25 per hour.

This means that Starbucks baristas make around 11% more than their counterparts at Peet’s Coffee. It’s clear that Starbucks values its employees and is willing to invest in their well-being.

Compared to Caribou Coffee

In terms of barista pay, Starbucks also outshines Caribou Coffee. On average, Starbucks baristas earn $12.50 per hour, while Caribou Coffee baristas make around $11.00 per hour. This puts Starbucks baristas at an advantage, earning approximately 13% more than their counterparts at Caribou Coffee.

Starbucks’ commitment to fair compensation sets it apart from other coffee chains.

Compared to Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts, a popular coffee chain, falls behind Starbucks when it comes to barista pay. While Starbucks baristas earn an average of $12.50 per hour, Dunkin Donuts baristas make around $11.00 per hour. This means that Starbucks baristas earn approximately 14% more than Dunkin Donuts baristas.

It’s evident that Starbucks prioritizes providing competitive wages to its employees.

It’s important to note that these figures may vary slightly depending on the location and experience level of the baristas. However, the overall trend remains consistent – Starbucks offers higher hourly wages compared to other coffee chains.

For those considering a career as a barista, Starbucks stands out as a great option for fair pay and benefits. The company’s commitment to its employees is evident in its compensation practices. So, if you’re looking for a coffee chain that values its baristas, Starbucks is the place to be!


To summarize, Starbucks baristas typically earn $11 to $16 per hour depending on experience, location, and other factors. They may also receive tips, bonuses, discounts, stock options and benefits that can increase overall compensation beyond just hourly wages.

While pay is in line with other major coffee chains, Starbucks offers strong benefits and opportunities for advancement to help attract and retain staff. Understanding the full pay structure and benefits can help you decide if becoming a Starbucks barista is the right career move.

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