Stardew Valley Dinosaur Mayonnaise – How To Get This Rare Artisan Good

If you’ve been playing Stardew Valley for a while, you may have heard rumors about a highly coveted artisan good called dinosaur mayonnaise. This rare item can only be produced in one specific way – by harvesting the eggs laid by dinosaurs on your farm.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Dinosaur mayonnaise is made by putting a dinosaur egg into a mayonnaise machine. You must first hatch a dinosaur egg in an incubator, wait for the baby dinosaur to grow up, and then collect the dinosaur’s eggs.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about getting dinosaur mayonnaise in Stardew Valley. You’ll learn how to obtain dinosaur eggs, hatch dinosaurs, collect their eggs, and process those eggs into dino mayo using a mayonnaise machine. Let’s get started!

Finding Dinosaur Eggs

In Stardew Valley, dinosaur eggs are a rare and valuable item that can be used to produce Dinosaur Mayonnaise, a highly sought-after artisan good. There are a few different methods for obtaining dinosaur eggs in the game, including fishing treasure chests and searching for artifact spots.

Fishing Treasure Chests

One way to potentially find a dinosaur egg is by fishing for treasure chests. When you cast your line into the water and catch a fish, there is a chance that a treasure chest will appear. These chests can contain a variety of valuable items, including dinosaur eggs.

It’s important to note that the chance of finding a dinosaur egg in a treasure chest is relatively low, so be prepared to spend some time fishing and opening chests before you get lucky.

Artifact Spots

Another way to find dinosaur eggs is by searching for artifact spots. Artifact spots are small, worm-like dig spots that can be found scattered throughout Stardew Valley. By using a hoe to dig up these spots, you have a chance of uncovering artifacts, including dinosaur eggs.

These spots can be found in a variety of locations, such as the Mines, the Desert, and even on your own farm. It’s important to explore different areas and keep an eye out for these spots to increase your chances of finding a dinosaur egg.

Pro Tip: If you’re having trouble finding dinosaur eggs, consider investing in the Treasure Hunter profession, which increases the chance of finding rare artifacts and geodes when digging up artifact spots. This can significantly improve your odds of finding a dinosaur egg.

Remember, finding a dinosaur egg in Stardew Valley requires a combination of luck and persistence. Keep exploring, fishing, and digging, and eventually, you’ll have your very own dinosaur egg to hatch!

Incubating and Hatching Dinosaurs

In Stardew Valley, incubating and hatching dinosaurs can be an exciting and rewarding experience. By following the right steps, you can add these prehistoric creatures to your farm and even obtain rare artisan goods like Dinosaur Mayonnaise.

Here’s how you can successfully incubate and hatch your very own dinosaurs.

Placing in Incubator

The first step in hatching a dinosaur egg is to place it in an incubator. You can purchase an incubator from Marnie’s Ranch for 7,000 gold. Once you have the incubator, simply interact with it and place the dinosaur egg inside.

It’s important to note that the incubator requires a constant supply of heat to function properly. Make sure to place it in a warm and well-ventilated area, such as your farmhouse, to ensure the egg’s successful incubation.

Caring for Baby Dinos

After a few in-game days, the dinosaur egg will hatch into a baby dinosaur. Caring for these adorable creatures is crucial to their growth and well-being. Baby dinosaurs require a feeding trough filled with appropriate food.

You can purchase dinosaur feed from Marnie’s Ranch or craft it yourself using wheat and hay. Make sure to keep the feeding trough filled, as hungry dinosaurs may become unhappy or even run away.

Adult Dinosaurs

As your baby dinosaur grows, it will eventually reach adulthood. Adult dinosaurs can be milked using a milk pail, just like cows and goats. This is where the rare artisan good, Dinosaur Mayonnaise, comes into play.

By milking an adult dinosaur, you have a chance to obtain Dinosaur Mayonnaise, which can be sold for a high price or used in various recipes.

It’s important to note that the chance of obtaining Dinosaur Mayonnaise from an adult dinosaur is random. The more dinosaurs you have, the higher your chances of getting this rare artisan good. So, consider expanding your dinosaur population to maximize your chances of obtaining Dinosaur Mayonnaise.

Collecting Dinosaur Eggs

If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley, you know that dinosaur eggs are a rare and valuable item in the game. These eggs can be used to produce dinosaur mayonnaise, which is a highly sought-after artisan good. In this section, we will explore how to collect dinosaur eggs and the requirements for doing so.

Dinosaur Egg Production

Dinosaur eggs can be obtained in a few different ways. One way is by finding them in the mines. As you explore deeper into the mines, you may come across dinosaur nests that contain these precious eggs.

Another way to obtain dinosaur eggs is by hatching them from an ancient dinosaur artifact, which can be found by using an artifact spot or by fishing in the mountains.

Once you have a dinosaur egg, you can place it in an incubator in your coop. It will take some time for the egg to hatch, so be patient! Once it hatches, you will have a baby dinosaur that will grow into an adult.

The adult dinosaur will then produce dinosaur eggs for you to use in your mayonnaise production.

Coop Requirements

In order to collect dinosaur eggs, you will need to have a coop on your farm. The coop is a building that houses chickens, ducks, and rabbits. To build a coop, you will need to gather the necessary resources and visit Robin’s Carpenter Shop.

Once you have a coop, you can place the dinosaur egg in an incubator inside the coop to hatch it.

It’s important to note that dinosaur eggs require a specific environment to hatch and thrive. Make sure your coop has the right conditions, such as enough space and a suitable temperature. Keeping the coop clean and well-maintained is also crucial for the health and happiness of your dinosaurs.

By collecting dinosaur eggs and successfully hatching them, you can not only produce dinosaur mayonnaise but also have a unique and fascinating addition to your farm. So get out there, explore the mines, and start collecting those dinosaur eggs!

Making Dinosaur Mayonnaise

Dinosaur Mayonnaise is a rare artisan good in Stardew Valley that can be highly profitable. However, obtaining Dinosaur Mayonnaise requires some specific steps. In this guide, we will explore the process of making Dinosaur Mayonnaise, including crafting Mayo Machines and processing Dino Eggs.

Crafting Mayo Machines

The first step in making Dinosaur Mayonnaise is to craft Mayo Machines. Mayo Machines are used to process various types of eggs into mayonnaise. To craft a Mayo Machine, players need to have reached Farming Level 2 and have 15 Wood, 15 Stone, and 1 Copper Bar.

Once the Mayo Machine is crafted, it can be placed anywhere on the farm.

Once the Mayo Machine is placed, players can interact with it and add eggs to the machine. The Mayo Machine will then automatically process the eggs into mayonnaise over time. It’s important to note that Dinosaur Eggs are required to make Dinosaur Mayonnaise, so players will need to find or purchase these rare eggs.

Processing Dino Eggs

Dino Eggs can be obtained by hatching an egg from a dinosaur. Dinosaur Eggs can be found by mining in the Skull Cavern or by using the incubator in the Big Coop. Once a Dino Egg is obtained, players can place it in an incubator and wait for it to hatch.

Once hatched, players will have a dinosaur on their farm that will lay Dino Eggs.

To obtain Dinosaur Mayonnaise, players need to collect the Dino Eggs laid by their dinosaurs and place them in the Mayo Machine. The Mayo Machine will then process the Dino Eggs into Dinosaur Mayonnaise.

The quality of the mayonnaise will depend on the quality of the egg, so it’s important to take care of the dinosaurs to ensure they lay high-quality eggs.

Making Dinosaur Mayonnaise can be a lucrative venture in Stardew Valley. The rare and valuable Dinosaur Mayonnaise can be sold for a high price, making it a great way to earn extra income on the farm. So, start crafting Mayo Machines, find or hatch Dino Eggs, and start producing this rare artisan good!


Dinosaur mayonnaise is one of the most unique and difficult to obtain artisan goods in Stardew Valley. By fishing up dinosaur eggs, incubating them, and collecting the subsequent eggs, you can make this rare purple mayo.

With the steps and tips covered in this guide, you’ll be on your way to making your own dino mayo farm. Just be sure to take good care of your dinosaurs along the way!

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