Everything You Need To Know About Target Guest Advocate Pay

If you’ve considered applying for a job as a Target guest advocate, one of the first questions you probably have is how much does Target pay its guest advocates? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll provide a detailed look at Target guest advocate pay, bonuses, and benefits to help you understand what Target offers.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Target guest advocates typically make between $15-$24 per hour. Pay varies based on location, experience, and other factors.

Target Guest Advocate Hourly Wages

Entry-Level Pay

Entry-level Target Guest Advocates typically start around $15 per hour, which is slightly above the federal minimum wage. However, pay can vary by location. Target committed to raising its minimum wage company-wide to $15/hour by the end of 2020.

This pay rate makes Target one of the more competitive big box retailers for entry-level work.

Average Pay

The average hourly wage for a Target Guest Advocate is approximately $16.65 per hour, according to Glassdoor. However, pay rates can range higher based on experience, location, and other factors. Guest Advocates in higher cost-of-living metro areas like Los Angeles or New York City may earn upwards of $18 per hour on average.

Pay Range

Location-Based Pay

Some example pay rates for Target Guest Advocates by metro area:

  • Los Angeles, CA – $17-$21 per hour
  • Chicago, IL – $15-$19 per hour
  • Houston, TX – $13-$17 per hour
  • Miami, FL – $14-$18 per hour
  • New York City, NY – $18-$22 per hour

As shown, major coastal cities tend to pay Guest Advocates higher average wages compared to inland regions like the Midwest or South. However, pay ultimately depends on an individual store’s budget and needs.

Target Guest Advocate Bonuses and Incentives

Working as a Target Guest Advocate comes with a range of benefits and incentives. In addition to competitive pay and comprehensive benefits packages, Target offers various bonuses and incentives to reward their employees for their hard work and dedication.

These bonuses can include performance bonuses, holiday bonuses, and referral bonuses.

Performance Bonuses

Target recognizes and rewards outstanding performance by their Guest Advocates through performance bonuses. These bonuses are based on individual performance metrics and can be a great way to earn additional income.

The criteria for earning these bonuses may vary depending on factors such as sales targets, guest satisfaction ratings, and overall performance. By meeting or exceeding these targets, Guest Advocates can receive performance bonuses as a token of appreciation for their exceptional work.

Holiday Bonuses

During the holiday season, Target often offers special bonuses to their Guest Advocates as a way to thank them for their hard work during the busiest time of the year. These bonuses can be a percentage of the employee’s regular pay or a fixed amount, depending on the company’s policies.

Holiday bonuses are designed to recognize and reward employees for their dedication and commitment during this critical time, when the workload tends to be higher than usual.

Referral Bonuses

Target also offers referral bonuses to Guest Advocates who refer qualified candidates to join the company. This is a win-win situation as it not only benefits the employee by earning them a bonus, but it also helps Target find talented individuals who can contribute to the company’s success.

Referral bonuses can vary in amount and are typically paid out once the referred candidate has been hired and completed a certain period of employment. This serves as an incentive for Guest Advocates to actively promote Target as an employer and help expand the company’s workforce.

Target Guest Advocate Benefits

As a Target Guest Advocate, you not only have the opportunity to provide exceptional customer service, but you also have access to a range of benefits that make your employment even more rewarding. Here are some of the key benefits you can enjoy:

Health Insurance

Target understands the importance of taking care of its employees’ health and well-being. That’s why they offer comprehensive health insurance plans that cover medical, dental, and vision expenses. Whether you need a routine check-up or require specialized treatment, Target’s health insurance benefits have got you covered.

You can rest assured knowing that your health needs are taken care of, allowing you to focus on your job and personal life.

Retirement Plans

Planning for your future is crucial, and Target recognizes that. They offer retirement plans, including a 401(k) plan, to help you save and invest for your post-work years. Target’s retirement plans come with company matching contributions, which means that the company will contribute a certain percentage of your salary to your retirement account.

This is a great way to build a nest egg for your future and ensure financial security during your retirement years.

Paid Time Off

Work-life balance is important, and Target ensures that its employees have the opportunity to relax, recharge, and spend quality time with their loved ones. As a Target Guest Advocate, you are entitled to paid time off, which includes vacation days, personal days, and holidays.

You can use this time to pursue your hobbies, go on vacations, or simply take a break from work. Having paid time off not only benefits your overall well-being but also helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Employee Discounts

One of the perks of being a Target employee is the access to exclusive discounts. Target offers its employees significant discounts on merchandise, allowing you to save money while shopping for yourself or your loved ones.

Whether you need groceries, clothing, electronics, or home decor, you can take advantage of employee discounts and enjoy great savings. This benefit adds to the overall value of working at Target and makes it a great place for both work and shopping.


In summary, Target offers competitive hourly pay for guest advocates, with wages starting around $15 per hour and averaging $17-$24 per hour depending on experience and location. Guest advocates are also eligible for bonuses and incentives as well as a solid benefits package including health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, and employee discounts.

When weighing pay and benefits, Target can be an attractive employer for those interested in guest advocate roles.

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