The Arcana: A Guide To Julian’S Paid Scenes And Routes

Julian Devorak is one of the love interests in the popular interactive visual novel The Arcana. His mysterious past and brooding good looks make him a fan favorite. If you’re looking to get the full Julian experience, pursuing his paid scenes and routes is a must.

In short, Julian has 4 paid routes beyond his 6 free chapters. These include intimate romantic scenes, steamy NSFW content, and reveals about Julian’s backstory. Key paid routes are the Upright End, Reversed End, Masquerade Tales, and Tales of Love. Expect to spend around $10-15 on each route.

Main Story Routes

Upright End

The Upright End is one of the main story routes in The Arcana game, featuring Julian as the love interest. In this route, players have the opportunity to explore Julian’s story in depth and experience a romantic journey with him.

The Upright End is typically characterized by a positive and fulfilling outcome for both the player character and Julian. It allows players to delve into Julian’s past, uncover his secrets, and build a strong emotional connection with him.

Throughout the Upright End route, players will encounter various choices that will impact the progression of the story and ultimately determine the outcome. It is important to pay attention to the dialogue and make decisions that align with Julian’s values and desires.

Building a strong relationship with Julian requires understanding his vulnerabilities, supporting him through difficult times, and demonstrating trust and loyalty.

For players who are looking for a heartfelt and uplifting experience, the Upright End route with Julian is a great choice. It offers a chance to witness his growth and transformation, and to be a part of his journey towards redemption and happiness.

So, get ready to embark on an exciting adventure with Julian and discover the true depths of his character!

Reversed End

The Reversed End is another intriguing story route in The Arcana game, focusing on Julian’s character. Unlike the Upright End, the Reversed End takes a darker and more complex turn, offering players a chance to explore a different side of Julian’s personality.

This route delves into the consequences of Julian’s past actions and the challenges he must face to find redemption.

In the Reversed End route, players will encounter difficult choices and situations that test their moral compass. The story takes a more dramatic and intense path, where players have the opportunity to witness Julian’s struggles and confront the consequences of his past mistakes.

It is important to approach this route with an open mind and be prepared for a more challenging and emotionally charged experience.

Throughout the Reversed End route, players will have the chance to uncover Julian’s deepest secrets and understand the motivations behind his actions. It requires making choices that may not always align with traditional notions of right and wrong, as the story challenges players to question their own beliefs and perceptions.

The Reversed End offers a unique and thought-provoking journey, allowing players to explore the complexities of Julian’s character in a different light.

Remember, both the Upright End and the Reversed End offer valuable insights into Julian’s character and story. Choosing which route to pursue depends on personal preferences and the desire to either experience a heartwarming romance or delve into a darker, more complex narrative.

So, dive into The Arcana game and discover the captivating world of Julian’s paid scenes and routes!

Masquerade Tales

One of the most intriguing routes in Julian’s paid scenes in The Arcana is The Deathwish. In this route, players get to explore Julian’s darker side and uncover the secrets of his past. The Deathwish takes players on a thrilling journey filled with suspense, mystery, and dangerous encounters.

As you delve deeper into Julian’s past, you’ll discover the truth behind his actions and the reasons behind his self-destructive tendencies. This route offers a unique perspective on Julian’s character and allows players to see a different side of him.

Another captivating paid route in Julian’s story is My Only Sunshine. This route focuses on Julian’s relationship with his daughter, Portia, and explores the challenges and sacrifices he has made as a father.

My Only Sunshine offers heartwarming moments as players witness Julian’s unwavering love for Portia and his determination to protect her at all costs. This route delves into the complexities of Julian’s character, showcasing his vulnerabilities and the strength of his bond with his daughter.

For players who are fans of Julian’s character and are looking for a deeper understanding of his story, these paid routes provide a great opportunity to explore his personality and background. The Deathwish and My Only Sunshine offer unique narratives that add depth to Julian’s character and allow players to form a stronger connection with him.

Tales of Love

Love is a central theme in Julian’s paid scenes and routes in The Arcana. Players can explore different romantic encounters and relationships as they progress through the game. Julian, a charismatic and enigmatic character, offers players a unique and captivating experience in his paid content.

Let’s delve into two of Julian’s most intriguing storylines: “Stolen Kisses” and “Forbidden Fruit.”

Stolen Kisses

In the “Stolen Kisses” storyline, players are transported to a world of secrecy and hidden desires. Julian’s charm and allure are on full display as he engages in thrilling encounters with the protagonist.

These scenes are filled with tension and anticipation, as the characters navigate the risks and rewards of their forbidden love. Julian’s paid content in this storyline offers players a chance to explore the depths of their desires and experience the thrill of stolen moments.

Throughout the “Stolen Kisses” storyline, players are presented with choices that shape the direction of the romance. Will they succumb to their desires and risk everything for a stolen kiss? Or will they resist temptation and stay true to their principles?

The choices players make will impact the outcome of the story, making each playthrough a unique and personal experience.

Forbidden Fruit

In the “Forbidden Fruit” storyline, Julian’s paid content explores the complexities of forbidden love and the consequences that come with it. Players are drawn into a world of secrecy and passion as they navigate the challenges of a forbidden relationship.

Julian’s character shines in this storyline, as he grapples with his own emotions while also trying to protect the protagonist from the risks they face.

As players progress through the “Forbidden Fruit” storyline, they will encounter twists and turns that test the strength of their relationship. Will they be able to navigate the obstacles that stand in their way? Or will their love be torn apart by the forces working against them?

Julian’s paid content in this storyline offers players a chance to explore the depths of their emotions and experience the bittersweet nature of forbidden love.


Julian’s paid routes in The Arcana deliver tons of romance, passion, and insight into his complex personality. Following his full story from Upright to Reversed endings allows you to explore the light and dark sides of your relationship.

The Masquerade Tales and Tales of Love offer steamy detours perfect for indulging your desire. If you’re already invested in Julian’s journey, his paid content is definitely worth the cost.

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