Walmart Cake Decorator Pay: Salary And Benefits Breakdown

Decorating cakes can be a fun and creative job. If you enjoy baking and have an artistic flair, being a Walmart cake decorator may be the perfect role for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Walmart cake decorator pay, including average salaries, bonuses, benefits, and more.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The average Walmart cake decorator makes between $11 and $17 per hour. Their total compensation package includes bonuses, health insurance, 401k matching, and paid time off.

Walmart Cake Decorator Hourly Wages

Entry-Level Salary

For those starting their career as a Walmart cake decorator, the entry-level salary is quite competitive. On average, entry-level cake decorators at Walmart earn around $11 to $13 per hour. This wage may vary depending on factors such as location and previous experience in the field.

However, Walmart offers a great opportunity for individuals who are passionate about cake decorating and want to gain valuable experience in a fast-paced retail environment.

Average Salary

The average salary for cake decorators at Walmart falls within the range of $12 to $15 per hour. This includes both part-time and full-time positions. Walmart provides its employees with the chance to earn a fair wage while showcasing their creativity and skills.

With the potential for career growth and advancement within the company, the average salary for cake decorators at Walmart is appealing for those looking for stability and opportunities to grow in their profession.

Experienced Salary

Experienced cake decorators at Walmart can earn a higher hourly wage compared to their entry-level counterparts. With several years of experience under their belt, these talented decorators can expect to earn an hourly wage ranging from $14 to $17.

Walmart values the expertise and creativity of its experienced employees and rewards them accordingly. This higher wage not only recognizes their skills but also motivates them to continue honing their craft and providing exceptional cake decorating services to customers.

It’s important to note that these salary ranges are approximate and can be influenced by various factors such as location, years of experience, and the individual’s performance. For more detailed and up-to-date information on Walmart cake decorator wages, you can visit the official Walmart careers website (

Walmart Cake Decorator Bonuses and Incentives

Quarterly MyShare Bonuses

As a Walmart cake decorator, you have the opportunity to earn quarterly bonuses through the company’s MyShare program. This program rewards associates for their hard work and dedication to the success of the store.

The amount of the bonus is based on the store’s performance, as well as individual performance. The better the store performs, the higher the bonus potential for associates.

The MyShare bonuses are a great way for cake decorators to earn additional income on top of their regular salary. It’s a chance to be recognized for your contributions and to share in the success of your store.

Performance-Based Bonuses

In addition to the quarterly MyShare bonuses, Walmart also offers performance-based bonuses for cake decorators who go above and beyond in their role. These bonuses are often tied to specific goals or targets set by the store or department manager.

For example, if a cake decorator exceeds their sales goals for a particular quarter or receives excellent customer feedback, they may be eligible for a performance-based bonus. These bonuses serve as incentives to motivate cake decorators to perform at their best and provide exceptional service to customers.

While the exact details of these performance-based bonuses may vary from store to store, they are an additional way for cake decorators to earn extra income and be rewarded for their hard work.

For more information on Walmart cake decorator pay and benefits, you can visit the official Walmart careers website

Walmart Cake Decorator Benefits

Health Insurance

As a Walmart cake decorator, you can enjoy comprehensive health insurance benefits. Walmart offers a range of medical, dental, and vision plans to its employees. These plans are designed to provide coverage for both you and your dependents.

Whether you need a routine check-up or more extensive medical care, Walmart’s health insurance options have got you covered.

Walmart also understands the importance of mental health. They provide access to mental health resources and counseling services, ensuring that their employees have the support they need.

Retirement Savings

Planning for the future is important, and Walmart recognizes this. As a cake decorator, you have the opportunity to participate in Walmart’s retirement savings plan. Through this plan, you can contribute a portion of your earnings to a 401(k) account, which can be matched by Walmart.

This means that you can save for your retirement while also benefiting from Walmart’s contribution.

Additionally, Walmart offers financial education resources to help employees make informed decisions about their retirement savings. This ensures that you have the knowledge and tools to plan for a secure future.

Paid Time Off

Everyone needs some time off to relax, recharge, and spend time with loved ones. Walmart acknowledges the importance of work-life balance and offers paid time off to its cake decorators. The amount of paid time off you receive will depend on your length of service with the company.

Furthermore, Walmart also provides paid holidays, ensuring that you can celebrate important occasions with your family and friends without worrying about losing income.

For more details about Walmart’s benefits package, you can visit their official website.

How Salary Varies by Location

When it comes to working as a Walmart cake decorator, the salary can vary depending on the location. Different regions of the United States offer different pay rates for this role. It’s important to consider the cost of living and economic factors that can influence wages.

Major Metro Areas

In major metropolitan areas, such as New York City, Los Angeles, or Chicago, Walmart cake decorators tend to earn higher salaries compared to other locations. This is due to the higher cost of living and increased demand for skilled cake decorators in these bustling cities.

Cake decorators in major metro areas can expect to earn around $15 to $20 per hour, depending on their experience and expertise.

Midwestern States

In the midwestern states, such as Ohio, Michigan, or Illinois, the salary for Walmart cake decorators may be slightly lower compared to major metro areas. However, the cost of living is generally lower in these states as well.

Cake decorators in the Midwest can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $12 to $15. It’s worth noting that there may be variations within the region, with larger cities offering slightly higher wages.

Southern States

In the southern states, such as Texas, Florida, or Georgia, the salary for Walmart cake decorators may also be slightly lower compared to major metro areas. However, the cost of living in these states can vary significantly.

Cake decorators in the South can expect to earn an average hourly wage of $11 to $14. Again, larger cities within the region may offer slightly higher wages due to increased demand.

It’s important to keep in mind that these salary ranges are approximate and can vary based on factors such as experience, location within the region, and the specific Walmart store. Additionally, Walmart offers various benefits and perks to its employees, which can add value to the overall compensation package.

If you’re interested in learning more about Walmart cake decorator pay and other job opportunities at Walmart, you can visit their official website at


Working as a Walmart cake decorator provides a competitive salary and strong benefits package. Average pay ranges from $11-$17 per hour, with the potential to earn quarterly bonuses. Walmart also offers health insurance, 401k matching, and paid time off to eligible employees.

Salary varies by location, with major cities providing the highest earning potential. With creativity and customer service skills, Walmart’s cake decorating role can be a sweet gig.

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