General Education Courses
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What are General Education Courses?

Some colleges, aside from the courses that a part of some major offer classes that aren’t entirely, or at all related to the field of student’s expertise. Those are called General Education courses. They are sort of prequalification before the student takes on their major and courses that come with it. They are of extreme importance because they take up to one-third of the entire degree and extend student’s basic knowledge.

General Education courses are compulsory. As such not everyone likes them. Many students are of the belief that general subjects like languages, mathematics, and writing should stay in high school, letting students focus on the individual subjects they want to master in life. In this article, we’ve defined general education courses, their requirements and how exactly they work at college in general.

Overview of General Education courses

General Education courses define as the very core of every college degree. It expands the general knowledge of students and makes them engage with more general activities and curriculum. Students need to meet the requirement of passing these courses before they can focus on courses related to their career plans.

General Education classes are also known as the Foundation courses that are the same for everyone that studies at a particular educational institution, regardless of whether it’s a college or university. Most commonly found subjects include foreign languages like Spanish, mathematics and creative or business writing.

That said, general education courses take into account student’s different majors and have a goal to prepare students who are different majors to face challenges with general and broader knowledge despite being focused in the writing or photography major. For example, Physics major students focus on calculations, measurements, lab work, mathematics and different fields in physics, but they also need to understand the fundamentals behind Economics and Finances and vice-versa.

Each college has a course list so students can choose the particular General Education courses that appear the closest to their field of expertise, or found the most beneficial to their career opportunities in the future.

What is the purpose of the General Education classes?

Although the utmost purpose of a specialized major a student studies is to provide a specialized level of knowledge, General Education provides basic knowledge that fills up onto high school education. The purpose of these subjects is to provide an easier time for students who lack knowledge from mathematics, English or a foreign language.

Additionally, General Education courses give students multiple knowledge. They are an opportunity for students to stand out from the competition and do multiple things that interest them. If a student is taking on a Mathematics major but like creative writing and find themselves to be bookworms, creative writing may provide valuable assets in the future. Additional great thing is that college allows students to choose the General Education courses they want to study besides their major.

The good side of the general education courses is that a student takes only on a small portion of the subject and not an entire curriculum. Some colleges offer more interesting subjects within the general education field, such as Literature Analysis, Creative Writing, Business and more.

Lastly, the purpose of the General education courses isn’t to scare a student. They are significantly easier compared to the courses students take as part of their major. As mentioned above, they take up to one-third of student’s time and degree.

Transfering the General Education courses

The greatest benefit of taking the General Education courses is that the credits student earns can be transferred, should it come to changing the university or other educational institution. Whether you study a special college or a community college, students can take time to transfer general education course accomplishments and avoid taking them again.

This is because, as their name suggests, these subjects have a broad and general-purpose, which is why there are no particular differences between these subjects at a community college or any university.

Common General Education Courses

There is a broad selection of General Education courses, but to prepare you for the joys and challenges of college we listed common General Education courses students often choose.


English is often offered to help students enhance their communication skills and teach more basic things. It’s important in order to sound more literate and earn more chances to get a successful career. There are several General education courses within the English subject – English composition, American Literature and Creative Writing.


No General Education course goes without mathematics, despite how much students hate it. Despite all, it’s a genuinely important subject that helps students understand some fundamental functions in business, science, and other disciplines. It’s commonly used in real life, which is why the emphasis on this subject is high at college. Most common general education courses from this field include Algebra, Quantitative analysis and Statistics

Social Sciences

Everyone is passionate about art, and the point of Social Sciences is to rekindle the passion for arts and social sciences in students who like it. It’s a great way to take a break from stressful subjects from a particular major, especially for students who study STEM or medicine. Subjects include Music, Photography, Drama and others.

Foreign Languages

There’s an option for students to enjoy foreign languages and learn some new ones in the process. Students most commonly pick a foreign language if they don’t want to learn any artsy subjects. Commonly, students opt for French, Spanish or even Japanese.

How to learn General Education courses online?

Students can opt to save time by taking General Education classes online and continue learning through an intuitive and comprehensive process. Various universities offer this opportunity which helps students save time. Some universities also opt students to enroll in General Education courses online and that way pick what they really want to do with their major. Later on, they can continue specialized studying at the same university they studied the Gen Ed subjects at.


General education courses may not appear worthy, but they are the foundation of everyday life and are considered a valuable asset when picking the career path and finding new jobs. Make sure to choose General education courses from subjects you’re passionate about or come close to your intended major.

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