10th Grade - Find a College

Watch Choosing Your Own Path

Choosing Your Own Path

Newsflash: There are many different paths you can take to get to the same point. Watch how four engineers each followed their own routes to wind up in the same type of career.

Watch Language of College

Language of College

When you’re going through the college-admissions process, it might seem like you have to navigate through a whole new language. Never fear—watch and get a crash course on what all those terms really mean.

4 Steps to College

Getting yourself to college is completely doable—and it can even be accomplished in four basic steps.
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College Degrees Explained

So, which degree is right for you?  This worksheet explains the different types of college degrees—plus how they apply to your future career goals.

Matching Colleges to Careers

Not sure what kind of college you need to go to for your dream career or what degree might fit you? College Board has several tools to help you out.  You can match majors to colleges or find majors that fit different aspects of your personality.  

Start Asking Questions

Looking for good info? Get the scoop on college by asking these questions about classes, resources, campus life and, oh yes, how to pay for it all.
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The Perfect Fit

Wondering which college is for you? Take this quiz to help you find the Texas colleges that are the right match for you.
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