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Meet Samantha Lee

I’m Samantha Lee, founder of Own Your Own Future where I empower people to build fulfilling careers and businesses on their own terms.

As an entrepreneur and business coach, I share practical tips, interviews, and transparent stories from my own experience to help you take control of your work and finances. My goal is to inspire you, equip you with tools, and help you shape your own extraordinary destiny. Now, tell me about your dream!

Latest News

Does United Airlines Take Apple Pay In 2023?

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In today’s world of cashless payments, more and more travelers are looking to use their mobile wallets when booking flights and making travel purchases. If you’re an iPhone user wondering…
8 Best Law Schools in Texas

8 Best Law Schools in Texas (2023 Updated)

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’re thinking about going to a law school. And surely, that very thought and possible decision for your future career path might be scary…

What Was Jordan Belfort’S Net Worth At Its Peak?

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If you’ve seen The Wolf of Wall Street, you know Jordan Belfort lived a lavish lifestyle fueled by illicit profits from his stock brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont. But how much…

Are Floor Seats Worth It? A Detailed Guide

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Looking to get the best experience at your next concert or sporting event? Floor seats put you right in the action, but are the high ticket prices worth it? We’ll…

What Does ‘You Are Worth It’ Really Mean?

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In today’s fast-paced and demanding world, it can be easy to lose sight of your own value and self-worth. The phrase ‘you are worth it’ serves as an uplifting reminder…

Does The Va Pay For Gym Memberships?

Posted on
With obesity and chronic health conditions on the rise among veterans, many are interested in whether the VA will cover the cost of a gym membership. If you’re short on…
What Is a Good GPA in High School

What Is a Good GPA in High School?

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Are you a high school student applying for college? If you are, you should be aware of the importance of a good GPA in high school. Therefore, take the time…

How Much Is Bellator Mma Worth?

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Mixed martial arts has exploded in popularity over the last two decades, with the UFC leading the charge and becoming a multi-billion dollar sports franchise. While the UFC is clearly…

How To Calculate Pay What You Pull Raffle Payouts

Posted on
Running a pay what you pull raffle fundraiser? As fun and simple as they seem, properly calculating payouts can get confusing.  If you’re short on time, here’s the key takeaway:…
Are Teachers Allowed to Take Your Phone

Are Teachers Allowed to Take Your Phone?

Posted on
Phones are a necessary tool in today’s world. They keep us connected to other people and they let us gain immediate access to the world’s biggest knowledge library. They are…

What Happens If You Don’T Pay Planet Fitness?

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Going to the gym and working out regularly is a great way to improve your health and fitness. However, maintaining a gym membership can be a financial burden for some…

What Is The Average Pay Increase For A Promotion?

Posted on
Getting promoted at work is an exciting milestone that usually comes with more responsibilities, a new job title, and increased compensation. If you’re considering going after a promotion or have…

How to Use EBT Without a Card

Posted on
If you’ve lost your EBT card or don’t have it on you, you may be wondering – can I still access my benefits? If you’re short on time, here’s a…

How To Send Money To Apple Pay From Android

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In today’s digital world, sending money between devices has never been easier thanks to payment platforms like Apple Pay and Google Pay. If you’re an Android user wondering how to…

A Complete Guide To Using Ebt Cash Benefits Online

Posted on
Using your EBT cash benefits online can provide more convenience and options for purchases. However, not all retailers accept EBT cash benefits online. This comprehensive guide will walk through everything…

Does World Market Accept Ebt?

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World Market is a popular home decor and specialty grocery store. With global foods and unique items, EBT recipients may wonder if World Market accepts SNAP benefits as payment. If…