9th Grade - Why Go To College

Watch Transitioning from Middle School to High School

Transitioning from Middle School to High School

There can be some pretty big changes when you go from middle school to high school. Take a look as one student figures that out the hard way.

Watch Making Your Parents Proud

Making Your Parents Proud

There are many great reasons to go to college, but making your parents proud is often near the top of the list. It’s a decision that impacts the whole family—now and when you head out in the world as a college graduate.

Exploring Careers

Use the OYOF Future Finder to help you explore the AchieveTexas resources and find occupations and potential earnings that can help you make a decision about your future.  Chart your choices...

The Benefits Keep Coming…

Looking for encouragement? Find some really good reasons why you should go to college—and it’s not just about earnings!