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How To Buy Amazon Gift Cards With Google Pay

In today’s digital world, buying gift cards online has become extremely convenient. With services like Google Pay, you can purchase gift cards for your loved ones without ever leaving your home.

But, can you buy Amazon gift cards with Google Pay?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: Unfortunately, you cannot directly use Google Pay to buy Amazon gift cards at this time. However, there are some easy workarounds like using a Google Play gift card or linking a credit/debit card to make the purchase.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about buying Amazon gift cards using Google Pay, including an overview of both payment systems, the reasons why they don’t directly integrate, and the best alternative options for purchasing gift cards to use on Amazon using your Google Pay account.

Understanding Google Pay And Amazon

What Is Google Pay And What Can You Buy With It

Google Pay is a digital wallet app that allows users to make contactless payments, store loyalty cards, pay online, send and receive money through peer-to-peer transfers, and more. It is available on Android and iOS devices for free download.

With Google Pay, you can buy a variety of goods and services like groceries, movie tickets, Uber rides, food delivery and much more.

Many ecommerce stores and apps also accept Google Pay for purchases. Most importantly, you can buy various gift cards with your Google Pay balance or linked cards.

Overview Of Amazon Gift Cards And How To Use Them

Amazon gift cards allow you to shop on for millions of items across categories like books, electronics, fashion, home essentials, toys and more. Gift card values typically range from $10 to $2,000.

Once you have an Amazon gift card, using it is very easy. Simply add eligible items to your cart, proceed to checkout, and when prompted for payment, choose the option to redeem a gift card.

The value will be deducted from the gift card balance. Any remaining amount can be paid with another payment method if the order total exceeds the gift card balance.

linked payment

Why You Can’t Directly Buy Amazon Gift Cards With Google Pay

Google Pay And Amazon Operate As Separate Payment Systems

Google Pay and Amazon have developed their digital wallets and payment platforms independently, without any built-in integration or compatibility.

As leading technology companies with large global user bases, it makes strategic sense for each company to push adoption of their own payment system over their competitor’s.

This lack of cooperation is why options to directly purchase Amazon gift cards within Google Pay are unavailable. However, while you can’t buy the gift cards directly in Google Pay, there are some convenient workarounds, as we’ll cover below.

Security And Restrictions In Place With Prepaid Cards

Prepaid gift cards are treated differently than credit or debit cards by digital wallet and payment apps due to their increased security risks and restrictions.

Gift cards can be more easily stolen, copied or misused. And since prepaid balances aren’t tied to a person’s bank account, there are strict purchase limits and identification requirements in place.

This means Google Pay and other mobile apps take a cautious approach allowing gift card purchases only through the most trustworthy merchant channels, rather than enabling direct peer-to-peer gift card trading which would carry higher fraud risks.

Attempting A Direct Purchase Results In Errors

If you try to directly add an Amazon gift card to Google Pay by entering its code, you’ll most likely run into problems.

Google Pay will either not recognize the gift card code format, or you’ll receive vague errors about the card being invalid or unsupported.

This frustration again comes back to the lack of integration between the Amazon and Google payment systems. Without specific programming in place by Google to enable gift card redemption, the Google Pay app lacks the capability to process Amazon’s proprietary gift card codes.

link a payment

Alternative Options For Buying Amazon Gift Cards

Using A Google Play Gift Card Balance

If you have leftover funds on a Google Play gift card, you can use that balance towards purchasing an Amazon gift card through the Google Play Store app. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the top left and select “Redeem.”
  3. Enter the claim code from your Google Play gift card.
  4. The gift card balance will be added to your Google Play account.
  5. Search for “Amazon” in the Play Store and find the option to purchase an Amazon eGift card.
  6. Select the amount of the Amazon gift card you want to buy.
  7. Check out using your Google Play balance. An Amazon gift card code will be emailed to you.

This allows you to conveniently convert unused Google Play funds towards Amazon credit. It’s a handy option if you received a Google Play gift card but want to shop on Amazon instead.

Linking A Credit/Debit Card Already On Google Pay

If you have a debit or credit card linked to your Google Pay account, you can use it to directly buy Amazon gift cards through the Amazon website or mobile app:

  1. Go to the Gift Card section page or open the Amazon app.
  2. Choose an Amazon eGift card amount and add it to your cart.
  3. When checking out, select Google Pay as the payment method.
  4. A popup will show cards you have on file. Choose one.
  5. Enter any security prompts like CVV codes or postal codes.
  6. Complete the purchase. The Amazon gift card code will be emailed to you.

As long as your bank/card details are saved in Google Pay, this allows quick checkout without re-entering card numbers. It’s useful for grabbing Amazon credit on short notice as gifts for friends or even yourself!

Transferring Funds To A Bank Account Connected To Google Pay

You can transfer money from a debit card or bank account to a bank account linked to your Google Pay, then use that balance to buy Amazon gift cards:

  1. In Google Pay app, select the bank account you want to transfer funds into.
  2. Choose the linked card/account to transfer from and enter the amount.
  3. Complete any prompts or authenticate the transaction.
  4. Once the money is available in your Google Pay balance, tap the “+” icon.
  5. Search for and select the option to buy an Amazon gift card.
  6. Enter the gift card amount and complete the purchase.
  7. The Amazon claim code will be emailed to the account on file.

This method allows you to consolidate various payment sources into your Google Pay balance, then use it to conveniently grab Amazon credit. Whether it’s a little cash from your debit account or birthday money from a relative, it’s a handy way to aggregate funds towards shopping on Amazon.

Option Pros Cons
Google Play balance – Convenient if you have unused Play funds
– Easy checkout
– Limited to available Play balance
Saved debit/credit card – Quick if your card is already on Google Pay
– No need to re-enter details
– Requires having a card saved
Bank transfer into GPay – Aggregates funds from multiple sources
– Money stays in Google Pay after purchase
– Extra steps to transfer money

As you can see, Google Pay provides flexible options to get your hands on that coveted Amazon gift card through a few handy methods. Choose the one that best matches your payment situation and preferences!

Step-By-Step Instructions For Buying With Google Play Balance

Purchase An Amazon EGift Card Through Amazon’s Website

The first step is to purchase an Amazon eGift card through Amazon’s website. This allows you to use your Google Play balance rather than a credit card.

Simply navigate to the eGift card section, select the amount you’d like, and choose e-mail delivery so the gift card code is sent to your inbox right away. Amazon has a wide selection of eGift card amounts from $25 to $2,000 so you can get just what you need.

Once you complete the transaction through Amazon’s site, the gift card code will be emailed to you generally within the hour. Be sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see it right away. Don’t worry, you won’t actually be charged yet.

The next step is redeeming the code which is when the Google Play balance comes into use.

Redeem The EGift Card Code On Your Amazon Account

Now it’s time to redeem the Amazon eGift card code you received through email. Simply copy the claim code, go to your Amazon account, and navigate to the “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” page under your account settings. Paste the code here and the value will be applied to your Amazon balance.

This redemption step is when the Google Play balance gets used. As long as your Google Play account has enough funds, it will automatically draw from that balance rather than your backup payment method once you activate the code.

And that’s it! The Amazon gift card funds from Google Play can now be used for any purchase on Amazon’s site, whether to buy yourself something nice or send another eGift card to a friend. Enjoy! 


How To Buy Amazon Gifts Cards With A Linked Credit/Debit Card

Add Eligible Credit/Debit Card Within Google Pay

Adding a card on Google Pay is a breeze!

Simply open the Google Pay app on your Android or iOS device and tap the payment card icon in the top right corner. Choose whether you want to add a credit, debit, or other type of eligible card.

Snap a photo of the card or enter the details manually. Once the card is successfully added, you’ll see it appear as a payment option in your Google Pay wallet.

Google Pay supports most major credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. As long as your card has a 16-digit number, expiration date, and CVV security code, you should be all set! 👍

Visit Amazon’s Website And Select Gift Card Amount

The next step is choosing an Amazon gift card on Amazon’s website. Navigate to the Gift Cards section and browse options for greeting cards or claim codes. Amounts range from $25 to $2,000. Select your preferred gift card type and value.

For example, you could choose a $50 Gift Card for general shopping credit.

Pro tip: If gifting to a Prime member, go with an gift card over an Amazon Prime gift card. That way, they can use the credit for anything on Amazon, not just Prime membership fees. 🎁

Your Saved Card Will Appear As A Payment Option

When you proceed to checkout, you’ll see your Google Pay info automatically appear as a payment method. Simply confirm your billing details, and voila!

You’ve purchased an Amazon eGift card instantly using your Google Pay wallet, without needing to grab your physical credit or debit card.

The gift card funds will be deducted from your selected payment card and the gift card claim code will be emailed to you within minutes. You can then forward the claim code to a lucky recipient or print it out to give as a physical gift.

It’s truly that easy to buy Amazon gift cards with your Google Pay account! 👏

Some key advantages of using Google Pay over entering your card details manually:

  • Faster checkout without needing to grab your physical card
  • Added security with tokenization
  • Option to use rewards points for discounts

According to a 2022 survey, over 80% of users agree that mobile payment apps like Google Pay improve the online shopping experience. So feel free to leverage it the next time you want to purchase Amazon gift cards for friends or family! 😊


While Amazon gift cards can’t be purchased directly with your Google Pay balance, there are easy and convenient workarounds that link your Google account.

The most straightforward option is using a Google Play balance or connecting an existing credit/debit card you already use for Google Pay purchases.

This allows you to seamlessly buy digital or physical Amazon gift cards, which can then be redeemed on your Amazon account for any items or services offered on the site.

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