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Can You Use EBT on Walmart Pay? How to Add Your SNAP Card

Juggling cash, cards, and smartphones at checkout can be a hassle. Walmart Pay aims to simplify the process by allowing contactless payments from your mobile device.

But for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) recipients, an important question arises—can you connect your Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card to Walmart Pay and use it to buy groceries?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Yes, you can use your EBT benefits with Walmart Pay. By linking your EBT card to the app, you can pay for food securely just by scanning your phone. However, the setup process requires following some specific steps through the app to activate payments properly.

This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about using EBT with Walmart Pay. We’ll walk through how to add your EBT card within the app, explain the mobile checkout process, and provide tips for completing EBT purchases smoothly.

You’ll learn the logistics so you can take advantage of faster checkout while still relying on your SNAP benefits.

Introducing Walmart Pay and EBT

Walmart Pay is a convenient and secure way to make purchases at Walmart stores. It allows customers to pay for their items using their smartphones, eliminating the need to carry cash or credit cards.

But what about those who rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as EBT?

Can EBT be used with Walmart Pay? Let’s find out.

What is EBT?

EBT, or Electronic Benefit Transfer, is a system that allows recipients of government assistance, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), to access their benefits electronically.

Instead of receiving paper checks or vouchers, EBT cardholders can use a debit card-like card to make purchases at approved retailers.

Can EBT be used with Walmart Pay?

Fortunately, at this time, Walmart Pay does accept EBT as a form of payment. Walmart accepts EBT cards for both in-store and online purchases.

How to use EBT at Walmart

To use your EBT card at a Walmart store, simply select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to the checkout counter. Let the cashier know that you will be using an EBT card for payment.

Open your Walmart app and tap Walmart Pay. Your preferred method of payment will show at the bottom of the screen.

Select EBT as your payment method and enter your PIN. The cashier will approve your payment, and you’re good to go!

It’s important to note that EBT can only be used for eligible food items, such as groceries and non-alcoholic beverages. It cannot be used for non-food items, such as household supplies or clothing.

Additional benefits of Walmart Pay

There are many benefits to using the app.

Walmart Pay allows you to easily track your purchases, save receipts digitally, and earn rewards through the Walmart Rewards program. It also offers a contactless payment option, making it a convenient and safe choice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you are a Walmart shopper who relies on EBT, don’t worry – you can still use your EBT card at Walmart stores. For both in-store and online purchases, using your EBT card would work at Walmart stores. 

So go ahead and enjoy the convenience of shopping at Walmart while using your EBT benefits.

Using Walmart Pay

Adding Your EBT Card to Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay now accepts EBT cards, making it even more convenient for SNAP recipients to shop for groceries and household essentials.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to add your EBT card to Walmart Pay.

Open the Walmart App

The first step in adding your EBT card to Walmart Pay is to open the Walmart app on your smartphone. If you don’t have the app installed, you can download it from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Once you have the app installed, open it and log in to your Walmart account.

Navigate to the Wallet

After logging in to your Walmart account, navigate to the “Wallet” section of the app. This is where you can manage your payment methods and add your EBT card.

Look for the “Wallet” option in the app’s menu and tap on it to access the wallet settings.

Enter Your EBT Card Details

Once you are in the wallet settings, you will see an option to “Add Payment Method.” Tap on this option and select “EBT Card” from the list of available payment methods.

Next, you will be prompted to enter your EBT card details, including the card number and expiration date. Make sure to enter this information accurately to ensure a smooth setup process.

Once you have entered your EBT card details, tap on the “Add” button to add the card to your Walmart Pay account. You can now use your EBT card for eligible purchases on Walmart Pay, making it easier than ever to shop for groceries and other essentials.

It’s important to note that not all Walmart stores accept EBT cards for online grocery pickup or delivery. To find out if your local Walmart store offers these services, you can visit the Walmart Grocery website and enter your zip code to check availability.

Adding your EBT card to Walmart Pay is a simple and convenient way to use your benefits for in-store purchases. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can shop for groceries and household essentials without the need for physical cards or paper vouchers.

So, go ahead and add your EBT card to Walmart Pay to enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Checking Out with EBT Using Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay is a convenient way to make purchases at Walmart stores, and the good news is that you can use your EBT card with this payment method. This allows individuals and families who receive SNAP benefits to easily shop for groceries and other essentials.

Here’s how you can use your EBT card with Walmart Pay to make your shopping experience even more convenient.

Scan the QR Code

When you’re ready to check out, open the Walmart app on your smartphone and select the Walmart Pay option.

At the payment terminal, you’ll see a QR code displayed. Simply scan this code using the app to link your EBT card to your Walmart Pay account.

Select EBT as Payment

After scanning the QR code, you’ll be prompted to select your payment method.

Choose the EBT option to use your SNAP benefits for your purchase. It’s important to note that only eligible items can be purchased with EBT, so make sure to check the list of approved items before adding them to your cart.

Enter Your PIN

Once you’ve selected EBT as your payment method, you’ll need to enter your PIN to authorize the transaction.

This adds an extra layer of security to protect your benefits. Remember to keep your PIN confidential and never share it with anyone.

Only SNAP-Eligible Purchases

When using your EBT card with Walmart Pay, it’s important to remember that you can only purchase items that are eligible under the SNAP program.

This includes items such as fresh produce, dairy products, meat, and bread. Non-food items, such as cleaning supplies or toiletries, cannot be purchased with EBT.

For more information on eligible items and SNAP program guidelines, you can visit the official website of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service.

By using Walmart Pay with your EBT card, you can streamline your shopping experience and easily manage your SNAP benefits. It’s a convenient and efficient way to shop for groceries while ensuring you’re staying within the guidelines of the SNAP program.

Can You Use EBT On Walmart Pay

Tips for Smooth EBT Walmart Pay Transactions

Check Your Balance

Before making a purchase using your EBT card on Walmart Pay, it is important to check your balance. This will give you an idea of how much you can spend and ensure that you don’t exceed your available funds.

To check your EBT balance, you can call the number provided on the back of your card or visit the official website of your state’s EBT program. Some states also offer mobile apps that allow you to conveniently check your balance on the go.

Get Cashier Assistance

If you are new to using EBT on Walmart Pay or have any concerns, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a Walmart cashier. They are trained to help customers navigate the process and can guide you through the steps involved in adding your SNAP card to Walmart Pay.

They can also answer any questions you may have about eligible items, payment options, and the overall EBT shopping experience at Walmart. Remember, it’s always better to ask for help than to feel unsure about the process.

For more information on using EBT on Walmart Pay and other frequently asked questions, you can visit the official Walmart website. They have a dedicated section that provides detailed instructions on how to add your SNAP card to Walmart Pay and make seamless transactions.


Walmart Pay provides convenience, but convenience shouldn’t come at the cost of using your SNAP benefits efficiently.

By taking the time to understand the setup process and mobile transaction details, EBT users can confidently breeze through checkout via Walmart Pay.

Feel empowered to ask an associate for help if you encounter any hiccups when linking your EBT card—they want to ensure you have a smooth experience using your food assistance benefits.

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