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Why You Can’T Add Your Chase Card To Apple Pay And How To Fix It

In today’s world of tap-and-go payments, adding your cards to Apple Pay can make purchases quick and convenient.

But what if you can’t add your Chase credit or debit card to Apple Pay? It’s a frustrating situation, but there are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The most common reasons you can’t add a Chase card to Apple Pay are an unsupported card type, device incompatibility, issues with your Chase account, or needing to update your iOS software.

To fix it, make sure your Chase card and iPhone are eligible, check for any account alerts from Chase, and update to the latest iOS version.

Confirm Your Chase Card is Eligible for Apple Pay

If you’re unable to add your Chase card to Apple Pay, there might be a few reasons for it.

The first step is to confirm whether your specific Chase card is eligible for Apple Pay. Not all Chase cards are compatible with this payment method, so it’s important to check if yours is on the list.

Chase Card is Eligible

Check if Your Specific Chase Card Works with Apple Pay

To check if your Chase card is compatible with Apple Pay, you can visit Chase’s official website or contact their customer service.

On their website, you’ll find a list of eligible cards that can be used with Apple Pay. If your card is on the list, you should be able to add it to your Apple Pay wallet without any issues.

If your specific Chase card is not yet compatible with Apple Pay, don’t worry! Chase is constantly expanding their list of supported cards, so it may become available in the future.

Make Sure You Have an Active Chip Card

Another reason why you might not be able to add your Chase card to Apple Pay is if you don’t have an active chip card. Apple Pay requires a chip-enabled card to work properly. If your Chase card doesn’t have a chip, you won’t be able to use it with Apple Pay.

If you’re unsure whether your Chase card has a chip, you can check the front or back of the card. Look for a small metallic square or rectangle on the card. This indicates that it is a chip card and can be used with Apple Pay.

Confirm Your Account is in Good Standing

Lastly, it’s important to ensure that your Chase account is in good standing. If there are any issues with your account, such as a late payment or suspicious activity, Chase may temporarily block your card from being added to Apple Pay.

To confirm that your account is in good standing, you can log in to your Chase online banking account or contact their customer service. They will be able to assist you and provide any necessary information to resolve the issue.

By following these steps and confirming your Chase card’s eligibility, checking for an active chip card, and ensuring your account is in good standing, you should be able to successfully add your Chase card to Apple Pay and start enjoying the convenience of mobile payments.

Ensure Your iPhone Model Supports Apple Pay

If you’re having trouble adding your Chase card to Apple Pay, the first thing you should check is whether your iPhone model supports this feature.

Apple Pay is available on iPhones starting from the iPhone 6 and newer models. If you have an older iPhone, unfortunately, you won’t be able to use Apple Pay.

iPhone Model Supports

Check Your iPhone Model Generation

To determine your iPhone model, go to the “Settings” app on your device. From there, tap on “General” and then “About”. Look for the “Model Name” or “Model Number” section.

If you see a model number that starts with “A” followed by a number (e.g., A1633 or A1778), you can refer to Apple’s official website for a list of supported iPhone models. You can find a complete list of supported iPhone models on the Apple Support website.

Update to the Latest iOS Version

If you have a compatible iPhone model, but you still can’t add your Chase card to Apple Pay, it’s possible that you’re running an outdated version of iOS. Apple frequently releases software updates that include bug fixes and improvements, so it’s essential to keep your iPhone up to date.

To check for updates, go to the “Settings” app on your iPhone, tap on “General”, and then select “Software Update”. If an update is available, follow the prompts to download and install the latest version of iOS on your device.

Try Adding Card on Different Supported Device

If you’ve confirmed that your iPhone model is compatible with Apple Pay and you’re using the latest iOS version, but you still can’t add your Chase card, it might be worth trying to add the card on a different supported device.

If you have access to another iPhone or an Apple device like an iPad or Apple Watch, try adding your Chase card to Apple Pay on that device. Sometimes, the issue may be specific to your particular iPhone, and using a different device can help determine if that’s the case.

Troubleshoot Your Chase Account Issues

Check for Any Account Alerts from Chase

If you are experiencing issues adding your Chase card to Apple Pay, the first step is to check for any account alerts from Chase.

These alerts can provide valuable information about any temporary restrictions or limitations on your account that may be preventing you from adding your card to Apple Pay. To check for alerts, simply log in to your Chase online account or check your email for any notifications from Chase.

Contact Chase Customer Service for Assistance

If you have checked for account alerts and still cannot add your Chase card to Apple Pay, it is recommended to contact Chase Customer Service for further assistance.

The Chase Customer Service team is trained to handle a variety of account issues and can provide you with personalized guidance to resolve the problem. You can reach out to them via phone, email, or through the Chase mobile app.

Verify Your Account Security and Settings

Another possible reason why you are unable to add your Chase card to Apple Pay is due to security settings or restrictions on your account. It is important to verify that your account security measures, such as two-factor authentication or PIN requirements, are properly set up and not causing any conflicts with Apple Pay.

Additionally, ensure that your account settings allow for mobile payments and that there are no specific restrictions in place. If you are uncertain about how to navigate your account settings, Chase provides detailed instructions on their website.

You can visit their official website and search for guidance on how to troubleshoot specific account issues related to Apple Pay.

By following these steps and reaching out to Chase for assistance, you should be able to troubleshoot and resolve any issues preventing you from adding your Chase card to Apple Pay. Remember, Chase Customer Service is there to help you and will guide you through the process to ensure a smooth experience with Apple Pay.

Other Solutions to Try

Make Sure Card Details Entered Correctly

One common reason why you may be unable to add your Chase card to Apple Pay is incorrect card details. Double-check that you have entered the correct card number, expiration date, and security code.

Even a small error in any of these details can prevent the card from being added successfully. If you are unsure about any of the information, refer to your physical card or log in to your Chase account to verify the details.

Card Details

Try Adding Card Again Later

If your card details are correct but you are still unable to add your Chase card to Apple Pay, it could be a temporary issue. Sometimes, there may be technical glitches or server problems that prevent the addition of cards.

In such cases, it is advisable to wait for a while and try adding the card again later. This gives the system time to resolve any temporary issues and increases the chances of a successful addition.

Check for Apple Pay Connection Issues

In some cases, the problem may not be with your card or Chase, but with your Apple Pay connection itself. It is worth checking if there are any known Apple Pay outages or connection issues in your area.

You can do this by visiting the Apple System Status page and looking for any reported issues with Apple Pay. If there is a known problem, you may need to wait until it is resolved before attempting to add your Chase card again.


Being unable to add your Chase card to Apple Pay can certainly be frustrating. But in many cases, the problem can be resolved by double checking your card eligibility, iPhone model, account status, and software updates.

If you’ve tried all troubleshooting steps and your Chase card still won’t work with Apple Pay, contacting Chase customer service or Apple support directly can help uncover any remaining issues.

With a few simple fixes, you’ll be back to tapping and paying with your Chase card in no time!

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