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Does Dollar General Pay Weekly? Answering Employees’ Top Question

Getting paid on a regular basis is a top priority for employees. If you work at Dollar General, you may be wondering: does Dollar General pay weekly? 

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Yes, Dollar General pays its employees on a weekly basis. Employees are paid every Friday for the work week ending on the previous Saturday.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll give you the full scoop on Dollar General’s pay schedule and more.

Dollar General’s Pay Schedule

Employees Are Paid Every Friday

One of the most common questions asked by Dollar General employees is whether they are paid weekly. The answer is yes!

Dollar General has a weekly pay schedule, which means employees receive their paychecks every Friday. This consistent weekly payment provides employees with the peace of mind of knowing exactly when they will receive their wages.

Employees Are Paid

Pay Periods Run Saturday to Friday

Dollar General’s pay periods run from Saturday to Friday. This means that employees’ work hours and earnings for a given week are calculated and recorded during this period.

The pay period allows the company to accurately calculate and process employees’ wages, taking into account any overtime hours or special pay rates.

Paydays for Salaried vs Hourly Employees

Both salaried and hourly employees at Dollar General are paid on a weekly basis.

Salaried employees receive a fixed salary amount each week, regardless of the number of hours worked. Hourly employees, on the other hand, are paid based on the number of hours they have worked during the pay period. This includes regular hours as well as any overtime hours, if applicable.

It’s important to note that pay schedules and pay periods may vary slightly depending on the location and specific circumstances.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, employees should refer to their employment contract or contact their store manager or the Dollar General Human Resources department.

For more information about Dollar General’s pay schedule and other employment-related inquiries, you can visit the official Dollar General website. 

How to Get Paid at Dollar General

One of the most common questions employees have is how they will receive their paycheck at Dollar General. Fortunately, Dollar General offers several convenient options for getting paid. Here are the three main methods:

Set Up Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is a popular option for many employees at Dollar General. With direct deposit, your paycheck is automatically deposited into your bank account on a specific day each week.

This method eliminates the need to wait for a paper check or go to the bank to cash it. It’s a fast and convenient way to receive your hard-earned money.

To set up direct deposit, you’ll need to provide your bank account information to Dollar General’s payroll department.

They will then initiate the process, and your paychecks will be automatically deposited into your account each pay period. Make sure to double-check your bank account details to ensure accuracy.

Get a Pay Card

If you don’t have a bank account or prefer not to use direct deposit, Dollar General also offers the option to receive your pay on a pay card.

A pay card is a reloadable debit card that is linked to your wages. The card can be used to make purchases, withdraw cash, and pay bills, just like a regular debit card.

To get a pay card, you’ll need to request one from Dollar General’s payroll department. They will provide you with the necessary information on how to activate and use the card. It’s a convenient alternative to traditional banking and allows you to access your funds without the need for a bank account.

Pay Card

Pick Up a Paper Check

For those who prefer a more traditional method, Dollar General also offers the option to pick up a paper check.

This means you’ll need to physically go to your workplace or another designated location to collect your paycheck. While this method may not be as convenient as direct deposit or a pay card, it can still be a viable option for those who prefer it.

It’s important to note that the availability of paper checks may vary depending on the location and company policies. Therefore, it’s recommended to confirm with your manager or the payroll department if this option is available to you.

Regardless of the method you choose, it’s crucial to keep track of your earnings and ensure that you are being paid correctly and on time. If you have any questions or concerns about your pay, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dollar General’s payroll department for assistance.

Factors That Affect Your Dollar General Paycheck

When it comes to your paycheck at Dollar General, several factors come into play. Understanding these factors can help you have a clearer picture of how your pay is calculated and what you can expect to see in your bank account each week.

Your Base Pay Rate

Your base pay rate is the starting point for calculating your paycheck. Dollar General offers competitive wages to its employees, with rates varying depending on factors such as job position, experience, and location.

It’s important to note that Dollar General pays its employees on an hourly basis rather than a salary. This means that your paycheck may vary depending on the number of hours you work.

Hours Worked

The number of hours you work directly affects your paycheck. Dollar General employees typically work full-time or part-time hours, with shifts varying depending on the needs of the store.

Full-time employees are typically scheduled for 35-40 hours per week, while part-time employees may work anywhere from a few hours to around 30 hours per week. It’s essential to keep track of your hours worked accurately to ensure you are paid correctly.

Overtime Pay

Working more than 40 hours in a week at Dollar General qualifies you for overtime pay. Overtime pay is calculated at one and a half times your regular hourly rate. This means that for every hour worked over 40 hours, you will receive an additional 50% of your base pay rate.

For example, if your base pay rate is $10 per hour, your overtime pay rate would be $15 per hour. Overtime pay can significantly impact your paycheck, so it’s important to be aware of any overtime opportunities available to you.

Dollar General

Bonuses and Commissions

Aside from your regular pay, Dollar General may offer bonuses and commissions to its employees. These additional incentives can be based on various factors, such as sales performance, reaching targets, or outstanding customer service.

While not every employee may be eligible for bonuses or commissions, they can be a great way to boost your paycheck and provide additional motivation in your role.

It’s worth noting that Dollar General pays its employees on a weekly basis, which provides consistency and allows for better financial planning. However, it’s important to keep in mind that pay schedules can vary depending on location and individual circumstances, so it’s always a good idea to check with your specific store’s policies.

For more information on Dollar General’s pay policies, you can visit their official website or consult with your store manager.

Accessing Your Dollar General Pay Stubs

As an employee at Dollar General, it’s important to have easy access to your pay stubs. Fortunately, Dollar General offers convenient ways to view and obtain your pay stubs, ensuring that you have all the necessary information about your earnings on hand.

View Pay Stubs Online

Dollar General provides its employees with a user-friendly online portal where they can easily access their pay stubs.

This portal allows you to log in securely and view your pay stubs from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with an internet connection. It’s a convenient option that eliminates the need for paper pay stubs and ensures that your information is always accessible.

To access your pay stubs online, simply visit the Dollar General Employee Portal and log in using your credentials. Once logged in, you will have access to your pay stubs, as well as other important employment-related information.

Get Printed Pay Stubs

If you prefer to have physical copies of your pay stubs, Dollar General also offers the option to get printed pay stubs.

You can request printed copies from your store manager or the human resources department. They will be able to provide you with the necessary forms and guide you through the process.

Having printed pay stubs can be helpful if you need to provide proof of income for a loan application, rental agreement, or any other situation where physical documentation is required.

It’s important to note that while Dollar General provides the option for printed pay stubs, they encourage employees to go paperless and access their pay stubs online. This not only minimizes the use of paper but also ensures that your pay stubs are always readily available.

For more information about accessing your pay stubs or any other employment-related inquiries, it’s always best to consult the official Dollar General website or speak directly with your store manager or the human resources department.


Getting paid every week is a nice perk for Dollar General employees. Understanding the pay schedule and how to access your earnings statements makes it easy to stay on top of your pay.

While base pay rates vary by position, Dollar General’s weekly pay helps ensure your hard work translates quickly into earned wages. Check your pay stub each week and bring up any discrepancies right away.

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