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Does Walmart Have Tap to Pay? Your Comprehensive Guide

In a world increasingly reliant on convenience, contactless payment options like tap to pay are gaining immense popularity.

But does Walmart, the retail giant known for its low prices and vast selection, offer this modern payment method?

If you’re pressed for time, here’s the answer: No, Walmart doesn’t directly support tap to pay using NFC technology. However, their proprietary mobile payment solution, Walmart Pay, offers a tap-and-pay experience through QR codes.

This comprehensive guide will delve deep into the world of contactless payments at Walmart. We’ll explore the different options available, understand the reasoning behind not offering NFC tap to pay, discuss the benefits and limitations of Walmart Pay, and answer all your burning questions about paying at Walmart in the modern age.

Unveiling Payment Options at Walmart

Walmart Pay: A QR Code-Based Tap-and-Pay Solution

Walmart Pay is Walmart’s own mobile payment solution launched in 2016, allowing customers to pay with their smartphones using QR code scanning at checkout.

Users link an eligible credit, debit, prepaid or Walmart gift card to the Walmart app and can make contactless payments in stores. As of 2022, Walmart Pay can be used at all Walmart stores and Sam’s Clubs in the United States.

QR Code

Credit and Debit Cards: Traditional and Widespread Acceptance

Credit and debit cards remain the most universally accepted forms of payment at Walmart locations. Over 98% of stores accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards, providing customers with flexible payment options.

Walmart also offers their own credit card with special rewards for in-store purchases. Using credit or debit remains one of the most convenient and familiar payment options for shoppers.

Cash: A Simple and Universal Option

Cash payments are accepted at every Walmart register. Keeping some bills on hand ensures customers can make purchases, especially useful for buying inexpensive items when card transaction fees are proportionally high.

Cash offers complete payment anonymity for those desiring privacy. However, with many customers less reliant on cash for payments, Walmart expects fewer than 15% of transactions to be with physical currency by 2025.

Gift Cards: The Perfect Present for Shoppers

Walmart gift cards, available in-store and online, can be used to pay at Walmart and Sam’s Club, including fuel stations. Gift cards allow gift-givers flexibility in choosing values from $10 to $500, while avoiding hassles finding that perfect present.

Gift card sales have grown nearly 40% in 2022 as inflation drives up retail prices, and can provide budgeting help to recipients. Cards never expire and can be checked online.

Mobile Wallets: Exploring Alternative Solutions

In addition to Walmart Pay, stores also widely accept other mobile and digital wallets like Apple Pay. Mobile wallets allow integration with users’ existing credit and debit cards for checkout efficiency.

Adoption continues rising with an estimated 45 million Americans using wallets by 2024. However, some specialized mobile wallets like Venmo are not presently accepted.

Google Pay

Understanding the Absence of NFC Tap to Pay

Walmart’s Proprietary System: Prioritizing Walmart Pay

Walmart has invested heavily in building its own mobile payment system called Walmart Pay since 2016. This proprietary system is deeply integrated with Walmart’s apps, websites, and in-store systems to provide customized promotions and loyalty features.

Investment Considerations: Cost-Effectiveness and Technology Infrastructure

Adding NFC tap-to-pay would require significant investment in new point-of-sale hardware and back-end systems across Walmart’s massive network of over 5,000 stores. Focusing on their proprietary Walmart Pay provides better cost control and customization.

Industry Trends: Analyzing Tap-to-Pay Adoption in Retail

As of 2022, an estimated 47% of smartphones in the US had NFC tap-to-pay capabilities, but retailer adoption has lagged.

Walmart is not alone in lacking tap-to-pay among major chains. Implementation requires considerable technology upgrades many retailers have delayed.

Potential Future Integration: Exploring the Possibilities

With smartphone tap-to-pay adoption continually rising, Walmart may eventually add this functionality, likely via a staged rollout across stores.

For now, Walmart sees more value in controlling the customer experience through Walmart Pay integrations tailored to their ecommerce infrastructure.

Walmart Pay: A Closer Look

Convenience and Security: Benefits of a Tap-and-Pay System

Walmart Pay offers customers ease of use and security when making purchases. The mobile wallet allows shoppers to simply tap their smartphone at checkout to pay, without needing cash, cards, or even a separate app open. Customers can add payment cards securely to Walmart Pay and check out in just seconds.

With card details stored virtually, there is less chance of losing a physical card or exposing the number to fraud. Walmart Pay also synchronizes with Walmart online accounts to track purchase history and bonuses all in one place.

Setting Up and Using Walmart Pay: A User-Friendly Process

The setup process for Walmart Pay takes less than five minutes total. Customers need only open the Walmart app, sign into their account, and add an eligible payment card.

No separate app download or sign-up is required. Usage is straightforward as well – open the Walmart app when checking out in-store and tap the Walmart Pay icon, then hover the smartphone near the payment terminal for a seamless transaction.

Walmart app

Rewards and Discounts: Maximizing Savings with Walmart Pay

Walmart Pay users can save even more money through exclusive rewards and discounts. Customers earn unlimited 3% Daily Savings Catcher rebates for purchases paid via Walmart Pay.

Additional bonuses like $10 off qualifying online grocery orders and 5 cents off every gallon at Walmart gas stations incentivize usage of the wallet. Exclusive weekly digital coupons are also available through Walmart Pay to maximize savings opportunities.

Limitations and Compatibility: Exploring the Scope of Use

Compatible Devices Unavailable Features
iPhone 6 and above
Select Android phones
– Split payments
– Tap to Pay at Murphy USA gas stations

While the majority of iOS and Android smartphones are compatible with Walmart Pay in-store, some functionality like split payments is not currently supported.

Customers also cannot use the mobile wallet for gas payment at Murphy USA stations located at some Walmart stores. Overall though, Walmart Pay works seamlessly for purchases made through Walmart’s app or websites.

Comparison with Other Mobile Wallets: Understanding the Differences

Unlike more generalized mobile wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay, Walmart Pay is specifically designed for purchases within the Walmart and Sam’s Club ecosystem.

While it lacks some customization features, Walmart Pay simplifies shopping by housing payment details, rewards tracking, and more all together for a streamlined customer experience.

Beyond Payment: Optimizing Your Shopping Experience

Planning Your Payment Method: Choosing the Right Option

Deciding how you’ll pay before hitting the store allows you to breeze through checkout. Walmart offers various fast and convenient payment options to choose from, like contactless Visa/Mastercard tap to pay, Walmart Pay, cash, checks, and more.

Reviewing the different methods beforehand helps pick the optimal approach for your needs and finalize transaction quickly.

Utilizing Walmart App Features: Enhancing Convenience and Efficiency

The Walmart app unlocks useful in-store features for a smoother shopping experience.

You can create shopping lists, access weekly ads and coupons, check store inventory, locate items in-store with the map, and scan products as you shop to expedite checkout. Using the app boosts organization and saves valuable shopping time.

Curbside Pickup and Delivery: Alternative Shopping Options

When you’d rather skip entering the store, Walmart offers convenient pickup and delivery. Place online orders for home shipping or to retrieve through contact-free curbside pickup.

Review cutoff times for same-day pickup availability as delivery windows vary by location.

Staying Informed: Checking for Updates and Policy Changes

As policies and features evolve, staying current helps optimize your visits.

Bookmark Walmart’s newsroom and blog to check for updates on payments, app capabilities, delivery options, safety guidelines, store hours, and more helpful shopping particulars before trips to enhance your experience.

Making Informed Decisions: Prioritizing Your Shopping Needs

Carefully planning shopping trips leads to smarter choices. Evaluate if you’ll shop most effectively in-store or through curbside/delivery based on item types needed and timeframe.

Review your budget, create organized lists grouping categories, and leverage app features like maps or inventory lookup to speed targeted purchasing. Streamlining decisions means smoother, faster supply runs.


While Walmart doesn’t currently offer traditional NFC tap to pay, its proprietary system, Walmart Pay, provides a convenient and secure tap-and-pay experience through QR codes.

Additionally, various traditional and mobile payment methods are available to cater to your preferences.

Understanding the available options, planning your payment method, and maximizing your shopping experience with the Walmart app and other features will help you navigate the world of payments at Walmart with ease.

Remember, the ultimate goal is a smooth and efficient shopping experience. Choose the payment method that best suits your needs and enjoy the wide selection and value that Walmart offers.

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