How Much Is Screambox? Pricing And Plans For The Horror Streaming Service

If you’re a horror fan looking for an affordable streaming option, you may be interested in Screambox. But how much does this niche service actually cost? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down all the Screambox pricing plans and extras.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick rundown: Screambox costs $4.99/month for the basic plan. Premium plans with more screens and HD content are $6.99-$9.99/month. There are also options to pre-pay annually for discounts.

Overview of Screambox’s Horror Movie Selection

When it comes to horror movie streaming, Screambox is a service that delivers a wide range of chilling and thrilling content. With a vast library of horror films, Screambox offers something for every fan of the genre.

Hundreds of classic and obscure horror films

Screambox is a treasure trove for horror movie enthusiasts, providing access to hundreds of classic and obscure horror films. From iconic movies like “Psycho” and “The Exorcist” to lesser-known gems like “Carnival of Souls” and “Eyes Without a Face,” Screambox caters to those who appreciate the rich history of horror cinema.

With Screambox, you can explore the early days of the genre and rediscover forgotten masterpieces that have stood the test of time. Whether you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, supernatural tales, or slasher flicks, Screambox has a diverse selection that will keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat.

Modern indie horror and B-movies

Screambox is not just about the classics. The service also features a wide range of modern indie horror films and B-movies. These are the hidden gems that may not have received mainstream recognition but are beloved by horror aficionados.

From atmospheric and thought-provoking indie horror films to delightfully cheesy and over-the-top B-movies, Screambox offers a platform for emerging filmmakers and unique storytelling. You can discover new talent and find movies that push the boundaries of the horror genre.

Some big franchise movies like Halloween

In addition to classic and indie horror films, Screambox also includes some big franchise movies like “Halloween.” These are the blockbuster hits that have become synonymous with the horror genre.

By including popular franchise movies, Screambox ensures that fans can enjoy both the iconic classics and the modern favorites. Whether you’re in the mood for a nostalgic trip down memory lane or want to catch up on the latest installment of a beloved franchise, Screambox has you covered.

Screambox’s Pricing and Plan Options

Screambox TV: $4.99/month with ads

Screambox offers a variety of pricing and plan options to cater to different horror enthusiasts. The first plan, Screambox TV, is available for just $4.99 per month. With this plan, subscribers can access a wide range of horror movies and TV shows.

However, it’s important to note that this plan comes with ads, which may interrupt the viewing experience. Despite the presence of ads, Screambox TV still provides an extensive collection of horror content that is sure to satisfy fans of the genre.

Screambox Plus: $6.99/month in HD

For those who prefer an ad-free experience, Screambox offers the Screambox Plus plan. Priced at $6.99 per month, this plan allows subscribers to enjoy their favorite horror content without any interruptions.

In addition to the ad-free viewing experience, the Screambox Plus plan also provides content in high definition (HD), ensuring a more immersive and visually stunning experience. With a vast library of horror movies and TV shows, Screambox Plus is a great option for horror enthusiasts who want to indulge in their favorite genre without any distractions.

Screambox Unlimited: $9.99/month with downloads

For the ultimate horror streaming experience, Screambox offers the Screambox Unlimited plan. Priced at $9.99 per month, this plan not only provides ad-free and HD content but also allows subscribers to download their favorite horror movies and TV shows for offline viewing.

This feature is particularly convenient for those who want to enjoy their favorite horror content on the go, without relying on an internet connection. With the Screambox Unlimited plan, horror lovers can have unlimited access to a vast collection of terrifying content, anytime and anywhere.

Annual Subscription Discounts

For horror enthusiasts looking to save money while enjoying their favorite movies and TV shows, Screambox offers some enticing annual subscription discounts. By opting for a yearly pre-pay plan, subscribers can enjoy significant savings on their subscription fees.

15% off yearly pre-pay on basic plan

With Screambox’s basic plan, subscribers can get access to a wide range of horror content at an affordable price. And if they choose to pay for a full year upfront, they can enjoy a 15% discount on their subscription.

This means that not only will they have access to a vast library of chilling content, but they’ll also save money in the process. It’s a win-win for horror fans!

Larger discounts on HD & unlimited plans

If you’re looking for an even more immersive horror experience, Screambox offers HD and unlimited plans that provide enhanced video quality and unlimited streaming. And when it comes to annual subscription discounts, the savings get even better.

Subscribers who opt for these premium plans and choose the yearly pre-pay option can enjoy larger discounts, giving them even more value for their money.

By taking advantage of these annual subscription discounts, horror fans can indulge in their favorite genre without breaking the bank. Whether it’s the basic plan or the HD and unlimited plans, Screambox offers options for every budget and preference. So why wait?

Sign up for an annual subscription today and start enjoying a year full of thrilling scares and chilling suspense!

Additional Perks for Subscribers

Offline viewing options

One of the great perks of subscribing to Screambox is the ability to watch your favorite horror movies and TV shows offline. With offline viewing options, you can download content to your mobile device or laptop and enjoy it without an internet connection.

This is perfect for those times when you’re traveling or in a location with limited internet access. Simply download the content before you leave, and you’ll have a spooky entertainment option at your fingertips wherever you go.

New premieres every week

Screambox prides itself on providing its subscribers with a constant stream of fresh and terrifying content. With new premieres every week, you’ll always have something exciting to look forward to. Whether it’s a chilling new movie or a gripping TV series, Screambox ensures that its library is regularly updated with the latest and greatest horror releases.

Stay on the edge of your seat with the anticipation of what terrifying tale will be unleashed next.

No long-term contracts

Unlike some other streaming services, Screambox offers its subscribers the freedom to cancel at any time without any long-term contracts or commitments. This means that if you find that Screambox isn’t the right fit for you, you can easily cancel your subscription without any hassle.

Screambox believes in providing a flexible and customer-friendly experience, allowing you to have control over your subscription and ensuring that you only pay for what you want to watch. Sign up with peace of mind knowing that you have the freedom to cancel whenever you choose.

How Screambox Compares to Other Horror Streaming

Smaller but cheaper than Shudder

When it comes to horror streaming services, Screambox offers a compelling alternative to its competitors. While it may not have the same brand recognition as Shudder, Screambox makes up for it with its affordable pricing.

In fact, Screambox is often considered to be the more budget-friendly option for horror enthusiasts.

Although Shudder boasts a larger library of horror movies and TV shows, Screambox still offers a wide variety of terrifying content to satisfy any horror fan’s cravings. With a subscription to Screambox, you’ll have access to a collection of spine-tingling classics, chilling indie films, and even exclusive original content that you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the standout features of Screambox is its lower price point compared to Shudder. While Shudder’s monthly subscription starts at $5.99, Screambox offers its extensive horror library for just $4.99 per month.

This price difference may not seem significant, but it can add up over time for avid horror enthusiasts who are looking to get their fix without breaking the bank.

More niche than mainstream options

Screambox’s unique selling point lies in its focus on niche horror content. Unlike other mainstream streaming platforms that offer a wide range of genres, Screambox is tailored specifically for horror lovers.

This laser-sharp focus allows the service to curate a collection of horror films and TV shows that cater to the specific tastes of its audience.

By catering to a niche audience, Screambox is able to offer a more specialized and curated horror experience. Whether you’re a fan of supernatural thrillers, slasher flicks, or psychological horror, Screambox has you covered.

The service prides itself on delivering a selection that will satisfy even the most discerning horror connoisseurs.

While other streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video may offer a handful of horror titles, Screambox goes above and beyond by providing a dedicated platform exclusively for horror content.

This means that you won’t have to sift through a sea of genres to find the next bone-chilling horror flick. Screambox makes it easy for horror enthusiasts to dive straight into their favorite genre.

So, if you’re a die-hard horror fan looking for an affordable and specialized streaming service, Screambox may just be the perfect fit for you. With its extensive collection of horror movies and TV shows, coupled with its affordable pricing, Screambox offers a unique and thrilling streaming experience that is hard to find elsewhere.


Screambox offers an affordable way for die-hard horror fans to access an extensive library of both iconic and obscure films in the genre.

While it lacks some higher-profile content compared to competitors, the low monthly pricing and constant additions make it appealing for true horror buffs looking to discover new favorites.

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