10th Grade - Prep For College

Watch Building a Resume

Building a Resume

Learn how to brag about your accomplishments—all in a highly organized way. Get the inside scoop on how to craft a resume that’ll help you with college, scholarship and job applications.

Watch Cleaning Up Your Online Act

Cleaning Up Your Online Act

We live online these days—so you have to be super aware of what information is floating around about you. See how some students’ web choices came back to haunt them at the worst possible moments.  

Exploring Careers

Use the OYOF Future Finder to help you explore the AchieveTexas resources and find occupations and potential earnings that can help you make a decision about your future.  Chart your choices...

Side-by-Side View

Need more information about Texas high school graduation plans? Never fear. Just study this side-by-side document for the scoop.  Check with your guidance counselor about any additional local requirements.

Understanding Credits

Review these tips to discover ways to earn credit in high school.
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