Black Cat DIY Mosaic Kit


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DIY kit black cat🐺 is unique, interesting and creative gift for kids and adults .
The process of working with mosaic develops fine motor skills, creative thinking and attentiveness.
We hope that our kits will inspire you to work with such beautiful material as mosaic.
Kit comes with clear instructions and everething you need to create your own masterpiece.

🖼️The decor looks interesting on the wall or standing on a shelf.

👌Each BOX contains:

1) Plywood shape with side.
2) Glass mosaic cut according for this design.
3) Paper plate for mosaic.
4) Protective gloves.
5) PVA glue.
6) Paintbrush for glue.
7) Rubber spatula.
8) Paper cup for grout.
9) Wooden spoon for stirring grout.
10) Sponge.
11) Grout.
12) Paper for working zone.
13) Ribbon for hanging and frame hanger hook.
14) Instruction booklet.


🙃 Appropriate for ages 5+.
Please note there may be some sharp edges.
Children under the age of 12 should be supervised and grouting is best done by an adult.

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