10 Best Online Christian High Schools (2023 Updated)

In addition to being one of the core building blocks of a lifetime of learning, high school is also of crucial importance to a kid’s life as it offers them a substantial opportunity to glean life-defining habits, skills, and mindsets from both peers and professional.

Hence, one of the best things you can do for your child is to place them in a welcoming environment that encourages their development and self-actualizations. For Christian parents, one of the best ways to achieve this is by enrolling your kid in a reputable Christian high school.

Since they have religious courses baked into their curriculum, Christian high schools offer students an avenue to understand their religion and grow their faith while getting best-in-class education from qualified teachers.

Furthermore, with these institutions, students typically get a welcoming environment that encourages religious expression and gives students the freedom to openly celebrate their spiritual life.

However, with excellent schools spread few and far around the country, finding a school that matches your child’s needs can quickly get daunting.

Situations like this are where online Christian schools come in handy, and we give you the ten best online Christian high schools in the country. These schools top the charts for academic excellence, and extracurricular richness, while taking the Christian faith seriously and taking a faith-first approach to learning.

10 Best Online Christian High Schools 2022

10. Cornerstone Christian Schools, San Antonio, Texas

No one does Christian education like the South, and in Cornerstone Christian Schools, you are getting the cream of the crop. This academy offers students a rigorous up to date high school curriculum in a welcoming environment that your kid is sure to appreciate.

At Cornerstone, students get unlimited teacher access with one-on-one student-teacher interaction being the rule, not the exception. The academy also boasts a collection of highly qualified teachers, with the minimum requirement for employment being a bachelor’s degree in their field of assignment.

Further assurance of Cornerstone Christian Schools’ standards is the fact that they are accredited by AdvancED, the world’s largest professional education accreditor.

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9. Beka Academy, Florida

For some parents, the point of homeschooling their kids via an online platform is to maintain maximum control over your child’s education and the opportunity to play more of a teacher role. If this describes you, Beka Academy is the perfect online Christian high school for your kid.

At Beka Academy, the platform takes a relatively hands-off approach with reduced teacher interaction and significant transfer of curriculum changing power to the parent. On their interactive interface, the majority of the available courses are in video format, shying away from the preference for live video that is common amongst online educational programs.

Furthermore, students here can take Christian classes like Hebrew history, bible doctrine, new testament, and revelations that foster belief and aid your kid on their spiritual journey.

However, despite their unique approach to high school education, Beka Academy strictly adheres to all of the latest standards for child education. Consequently, the school has accreditation from local bodies like the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools, the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools, and international regulatory bodies like the NCAA.

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8. Christian Educators Academy, Cape Canaveral, Florida

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Another excellent option for parents seeking credible online Christian high schools is the Christian Educators Academy, a renowned online learning platform based out of Cape Canaveral, Florida. Here, students gain access to a rigorous training program that is accepted nationwide both by colleges, universities, and other high schools.

Students here learn via a highly interactive online interface and a comprehensive high school curriculum that includes all of the required core courses. Also, to ensure your kid is getting the spiritual education they need, the coursework at Christian Educators Academy includes several faith-based classes like bible study and bible knowledge for overcoming life.

Throughout the program, the academy also so provides some of the highest levels of teacher access you will find on similar programs. Students get constant instruction and guidance from qualified professionals, as the school’s digital platform sets it up, so every student has access to at least one teacher at all times of the day.

Plus, all teachers at Christian Educators Academy have at least a bachelor’s degree in their assigned field from a reputable, accredited American college.

Christian Educators Academy has accreditation from AdvancED

7. North Florida Christian Academy, Tallahassee, Florida

NFC Academy is a private Christian school based out of Tallahassee, Florida that offers a comprehensive suite of educational programs for students in K3 up to 12th grade. For Christian students, the academy’s college preparatory program is one of the most rigorous online Christian high schools on offer in the US.

Here, students can enroll either part-time or full time, while learning under experience Christian teachers who maintain religious values and a biblical worldview. Furthermore, since NFC prioritizes teacher access, the program’s ethos mandates that all teachers play the role of a primary teacher, providing constant assistance to both students and parents through the day to day of the online program.

Besides, one area where North Florida Christian Academy stands high above other online Christian high schools is in the extent of accreditation they hold from multiple regulatory bodies.

The curriculum at NFC has recognition from the NCAA, the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools, The International Association for K-12 Online Learning, and The National Council for Private School Accreditation.

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6. Alpha Omega Academy, Rock Rapids, Iowa

At Alpha Omega Academy, the school’s priority is on helping you achieve the maximum balance between your child’s daily schedule and their education. The available programs here allow you to customize your child’s learning calendar and map lessons to any time of the day.

Like with all top online schools, Alpha Omega offers extensive teacher support, with access to one on one teacher interaction available to students round the clock. Here, participants also get access to standard level academics, as well as the opportunity to join faith-building classes like bible study, bible doctrine, and Christian faith and living.

Furthermore, the school offers a dual credit program that gives your kid access to a college head start with 65+ college courses provided in partnership with the University of Northwestern.

Students can also get to be a part of extensive social networks on Facebook and Twitter, or join in on making the school’s monthly newsletter.

Alpha Omega Academy has regional accreditation from the North Central Association-Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, as well as international recognition from both ACSI and AOA.

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5. Western Christian Academy

If you want an online Christian high school program for your kid that you can customize fully to maximize convenience, one of the best options out there is Western Christian Academy. This digital high school offers a dynamic curriculum and teaching schedule that you can mold to match your kid’s calendar and learning pace.

Furthermore, the school has one of the most extensive teacher access compared to any online program, with a policy that mandates a teacher on call at all times if you want the option.

At Western Christian, you can rest assured that your kid is getting an education that is up to scratch when compared with brick and mortar schools of caliber. The school has full accreditation from AdvancED, the world’s largest professional education accreditor, recognition by the National Association of Private School, and a curriculum approved as a certified autism resource by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards.

In addition to a standard, accredited high school curriculum, students here can also take a full-year course in bible doctrine to ground them in the principles of God’s word.

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4. Oaks Christian Online High School, Westlake Village, California

Oaks Christian Online is a Southern California digital high school that gives students a chance to take college preparatory courses, from home and at their own pace. Here, students can set their schedule while learning from and interacting with committed Christian teachers.

In addition to standard preparatory courses, students also get access to college counseling throughout their programs, as well as optional spiritual courses, chapels, and life activities. Faith-based classes available here include ones on bible study, discipleship, and the Christian life.

Students can also join in on dual credit courses thanks to the school’s partnerships with The King’s College of New York City, Grand Canyon University, Berklee College of Music. However, you do have to check with the college your kid is intent on attending as earned credits may not be transferable nationwide.

Nevertheless, you get the best moral and analytical education for your kid at Oaks Christian Online High School as all the school’s courses to help foster personal responsibility and critical thinking skills while espousing a Christian worldview.

Furthermore, students at Oaks get unrestricted access to a host of social programs, including virtual clubs and assemblies, online discussions, and orientation programs.

Oaks Christian Online High School is fully accredited by the NCAA, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, and by the Southern Association of Independent Schools.

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3. Liberty University Online Academy, Lynchburg, Virginia

Through its online academy, Liberty University offers a K-12 school for high school students using an accredited curriculum handled by Christian educators. The program on offer here also includes extensive options like curriculum flexibility and dual enrollment.

At Liberty University Online Academy, students get extensive access to teachers often at the doctorate level, ensuring they get the best education possible. Via their online platform, teachers manage curriculums, plan and assess student work, and handle the day-to-day activities required to maximize learning.

Furthermore, the school operates with a policy that encourages parental input on aspects of their child’s education. Also, since most aspects of the program are customizable, parents and students get to set their schedule for completing assignments and progressing with coursework.

At Liberty, highschoolers also take religious courses like bible classes, life applications, and apologetics. Plus, students gain access to dual enrollment courses that carry three college credits each.

The school also has an active social scene for students and parents, with vibrant communities available on Facebook and Twitter.

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2. Calvary Preparatory Academy, Escondido, California

Another excellent online high school for parents who want a solid education for their kids without compromises on faith is the Calvary Preparatory Academy based out of Escondido, California. Here students get an internationally recognized academy for their kids with accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Calvary Academy uses a comprehensive teaching program that includes both live elements, interactive platforms, and extensive teacher support. Here, students can exchange and discuss assignments with teachers, participate in lectures and group sessions, and even parents get invites to join in on virtual meetings.

You can rest assured that your child is getting the religious education they need at Calvary Preparatory Academy too. The school’s curriculum includes faith-based classes like bible surveys, Christian tenets, church history, world religions, as well as generous schedule allotments for independent Bible study.

Calvary Preparatory Academy also hosts a unique social program that connects students and families via an online community on Facebook.

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1. Northstar Academy, Southaven, Mississippi

Northstar Academy is one of the first online Christian schools to receive full accreditation from both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) and Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. It is an excellent choice for any Christian aspiring high school student.

The academy’s mix of a highly interactive software platform and extensive teacher correspondence makes it a top contender for the number spot on any list. Here, students take courses, receive assignments and evaluations, and participate in group discussions through Northstar Academy’s digital platform.

Furthermore, school students also get significant stretches of one-on-one time with teachers, much more than you get at most online schools and colleges.

In addition to a suite of standard high school courses, students at Northstar also receive a series of bible lectures, including classes on bible books, doctrines, personal evangelism, and discipleship.

Thanks to the school’s partnership with LeTourneau University, Colorado Christian University, Bryan College, and Moody Bible Institute, students here can also earn optional college credit once approved by the school’s guidance counselor.

Northstar students can also join several extracurricular activities like making the student newsletter, participating in clubs and interest groups, or joining the student council.

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