Best STEM Colleges
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20 Best STEM Colleges (2023 Updated)

STEM which is an abbreviation for Science, Technology Engineering and Mathematics has seen a large rise of interest over the last decade and it’s only going to continue growing. However, more often than not, students can’t decide on the best schools to grow their critical thinking skills as well as others closely related to STEM. Different schools offer different programs and in this article, we decided to list all the best STEM colleges which offer the best conditions for studying. Read on!

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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  • Tuition: $53,790

No list would be complete without MIT, the biggest technological and research center in the US with plenty of studying programs and options for students who want to break the ice in the STEM disciplines. The U.S. News & World Report constantly lists this university as the Best Undergraduate Engineering Program. However, it’s not only a place for undergraduate degrees. There are a lot of master’s programs as well as Ph.D. programs worth looking into.

Additionally, the faculty promotes Fullbright Scholars and is known for many Nobel Prize Winners. There is also the STEM Summer Institute that organizes various programs for high school students. These pre-college programs, which are ideal to grab interest from high school students is exactly why MIT is so popular. Additionally, it boasts an innovative studying curriculum and methodologies that use a modern and innovative approach to teach. That said, students are not only established in the disciplines, they are also established as visionaries, innovators, inventors and geniuses in their field of expertise.

Why study MIT?

You will be able to draw inspiration and driving force from Novel Prize winners. Challenge yourself through different competitions, workshops, team-based projects and innovation. If you’re a high school student, you can get to know about different MIT disciplines through MIT’s Office of Engineering Outreach Program. Additionally, it inspires students to constantly challenge themselves and draw inspiration through inventions and innovation.

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2. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology
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  • Tuition: $54,600

California Institute of Technology is one of the most popular scientific and technological institutes in the US. Also called Caltech, it was the educational home to many Nobel Prize winners, as well as producers of the original silicon chip, discoverers of the gravitational waves, pH meter and much more. It is one of the most respected STEM schools and its reputation just continues to grow.

The school has various divisions, students can choose to study computer science, biological engineering, chemical engineering, applied science, geology and much more. CalTech is also known for influencing the scientific and technological industry. It operates the well-known NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) as well as the Seismological Lab, various NASA owned telescopes like Planck, NuSTAR, Spitzer, GALEX, and various other NASA’s facilities. It’s the pioneer of astronomy and space-related research, which is why it caters to a lot of students who want to join the STEM disciplines from the astronomy aspect. It has an in-depth focus on research, so students have to try their best to succeed at the school and overcome all the challenges.

Why study CalTech?

It rigorously focuses on research and consistent improvement of academic activities. Because it’s not counting a lot of students compared to some larger universities, there is a closer collaboration between students and professors, which ensures that students will get the best value of knowledge and hands-on experience in labs. It focuses on innovation and inspires new ideas consistently.

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3. The United States Coast Guard Academy

The United States Coast Guard Academy
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  • Tuition: $0

United States Coast Guard Army has a long history of excelling in fields like Civil Engineering, Oceanography, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and with the rapid development of technology Cyber Systems. It focuses on government-funded research and is in-fact considered the only federal service academy without the requirement of congressional nomination for admission.

STEM degrees are free of charge at this educational institute. However, once they graduate, students need to serve the nation in one of the fields they have graduated. Students need to know the meaning of righteousness, have honor and courage and “sound bodies.” The institution also has an Honors Program, which includes international summer internships around the world and focusing on different fields. The most popular subjects at the program include Chemical and Physical Oceanography, Civil Engineering and Mechanical engineering.

Why study the United States Coast Guard Academy?

The primary reason is that it is free and offers patriotic responsibility towards the country. Additional reason is because it establishes a wide variety of everyday STEM skills that will be necessary in research and technological protection of the country.

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4. United States Naval Academy

United States Naval Academy
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  • Tuition: $0

With a long history of operation, United States Naval Academy is a great place for candidates to earn valuable STEM skills that they will use in the protection and advancement of the nation. Its sole purpose is to prepare training officers to partake in the Navy and Marine Core activities which see the protection of the United States and its citizens. Tuition is free, but the candidates need to commit to the protection of the country. In turn, the academy will teach them Marine Engineering, Architecture, Information Technology, Mathematics and other fields in the 20 STEM major list. It’s important to note that the academy isn’t only about STEM and naval protection. Students will learn key STEM skills like critical thinking, data-driven decision making, leadership skills and much more. Special emphasis goes towards the Navy’s Center for Cyber Security Studies (CCSS) because students will learn how to modify, tinker, hack and explore the technology and create future-proof solutions.

Why study United States Naval Academy?

The Naval Academy boasts a more rigorous focus on STEM disciplines compared to other military academies with STEM concentration. The academy offers detailed approach towards scientific activities, but specifically focuses on engineering trends. It promotes application of mathematics and statistics in engineering and focuses on providing a hands-on experience from practical engineering.

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5. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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  • Tuition: $49.527

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology has a special emphasis on STEM disciplines and skills. It’s a small and private university that holds various rankings at the U.S. News and World Report. They’ve been around for a long time, and have a long record of establishing scientists and technology experts.

A school is a great place for everyone who wants to immerse themselves into STEM-related disciplines and research. They have a rigorous curriculum that teaches students the true values with teachers who are experts in their field and provide reliable education and innovative programs for students. The institute also collaborates with various research centers and institutes to provide great teaching conditions to students interested in developing their STEM skills. Another thing that the school is great for is because it boasts a rich international exchange program, internships, career fairs and many other events that students find interesting. Most popular programs include Chemical Engineering, Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering.

Why study Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology?

It has a relatively expensive tuition but also a special approach towards practical work and research from STEM disciplines. It boasts various rewards, with rich alumni experience and employment in tech giants and scientific organizations. There are also multiple extracurricular programs for students who want to gain even higher expertise at certain disciplines. If you like to travel, the international exchange journey will also feel exciting to students.

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6. Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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  • Tuition: $52,322

The ultimate goal of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute is to provide practical education in the same amounts as theoretical. Students are encouraged to apply their theoretical knowledge in practice and excel at STEM-related disciplines. There are over 50 degree programs at this institute, most of which are STEM fields, as well as 14 departments. It has an immersive plan which aims to establish experts from STEM. The students enroll in various projects, hands-on studying, individual courses as well as team projects. This program focuses on creating focused and critical-thinking engineers who will be experts at Electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science and other disciplines like mathematics, educational philosophy and physical sciences.

Why study Worcester Polytechnic Institute?

Even though it’s private, Worcester Polytechnic Institute has a wide selection of STEM programs that will help undecided students make the right decision. There are multiple computer and scientific laboratories, individual courses that promote close collaborations between students and school body and offers practical experience through internships and collaborations with international schools.

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7. The United States Air Force Academy

The United States Air Force Academy
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  • Tuition: $0

Similarly to other United States military-oriented Academy, the United States Air Force Academy won’t demand any tuition or fees from the students as long as they devote themselves to the application of learned skills to the nation after graduation. The Academy trains cadets who want to be commissioned officers and excel at STEM skills to defend and protect the country. Even though the tuition is free, the admission selection is very rigorous and not everyone will get accepted.

Before they emerge into the STEM-related programs, cadets have to complete the Basic Cadet Training known as BCT which lasts six weeks. Afterward, students will focus on different subjects like military strategy, heritage, and professionalism. Only after they can involve in the STEM activities, Civil Engineering, Communications and others. This program may especially appeal to those with special emphasis on the protection of the nation but with interest in STEM disciplines. The most popular fields include Systems Engineering, Space Engineering, Aerospace as well as Aeronautical engineering and Biology-related subjects.

Why study the United States Air Force Academy?

The motto of the academy is to make the leaders of the character and establish powerful and confident air force experts. In addition to that, there are various achievements in technology, science and engineering that many STEM hobbyists may find useful. That said, if you have an emphasis towards Air Force specialization but also favor Civil and Aeronautic engineering, this path is the right one for you.

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8. Rice University

Rice University
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition: $49.112

Rice University is a Houston, Texas-based private research university which has a special concentration towards applied sciences and further research of them. There is a lot of investment focused on this university because it yields great results and is among the leading schools for innovation and caters to the most brilliant minds every year.

There are eight schools within the university, of which trees are concentrated in STEM disciplines. Those include George R. Brown School of Engineering, the School of Architecture and Wiess School of Natural Sciences. Students get to choose various programs that focus on STEM, those include Computational and Applied Mathematics, Nanotechnology, Astronomy and Astrophysics, and others. The University also equips several STEM centers that focus on nanoscale science, information technology, quantum physics, and other disciplines. Rice University candidates are known for designing artificial hearts, and there are several Nobel Prize winners in different STEM fields.

Why study Rice University?

The Rice University doesn’t only focus on STEM topics. There is also a special educational program for music, as well as extracurricular activities that involve music that many STEM enthusiasts would enjoy participating in. The university is praised for awards and accomplishments from Mathematics, Astronomy, Astrophysics and Medicine. There is a constant flow of motivation and innovation within the Rice University’s numerous facilities that will constantly encourage students to learn.

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9. Michigan Technological University

Michigan Technological University
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition (In-State): $15,960
  • Tuition (Out-of-State)L $35,196

Michigan Technological University has a long history of engineering. It started as an education institute for mining engineers. MTU students focus on various innovative inventions and research. Some of them do a great job making nanosatellites, work on bionic body parts, and prosthetic ankles. They focus on robotics and how to improve it and much more. MTU contains over 20 research institutes and centers. At MTU, the most popular STEM program in Engineering, with over 60% of students partaking in the program. Students focus on working on real-life projects and are educationally prepared to work at different companies or continue with further research in the future.

Why study Michigan Technological University?

Michigan Technological University is popular for robotics and their application in science and medicine. It attracts everyone who wants to become an engineer because there are a lot of courses that encourage critical thinking and joint projects that lead to innovation and inventions. There are over 20 research institutes, which means there is always a room for improvement and new ideas.

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10. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
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  • Tuition: $55,378

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is considered the mother of all technological research universities, as it’s the oldest offering this type of education in the U.S. This is a private university, but that didn’t stop it from achieving great heights and offering cutting-edge education standards from Engineering, Information Technologies and Sciences, and Computer science. The university is equipped with several research options for students, with 32 research centers. It also has modern equipment and all the necessary resources for students to succeed. The most popular programs at this tech institute include Bioengineering and Biomedical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering.

Why study Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute?

Being one of the more expensive educational institutes, it boasts top-notch STEM concentration where students engage in various research and practical work. The programs encourage students to solve critical problems and bring decisions as a unit. Students mostly enjoy because there is an emphasis towards all the leading trends in technology and engineering, which allows students to go at the pace of technological search. The research institutes boast some of the best experimental equipment which opens a lot of opportunities for students who want to become the leading experts in the field.

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11. Missouri University of Science and Technology

Missouri University of Science and Technology
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  • Tuition: $10,653

Missouri University of Science and Technology provides STEM education for a long time, with better than ever conditions and opportunities to study. It was founded in 1870 and holds a special emphasis on STEM programs, with special concentration for engineering. There are 18 engineering and computing undergraduate programs. Also, the university offers 19 masters and Ph.D. programs. The university has a special focus on Mechanic and Electrical engineering majors, as well as Industrial engineering and management. It has a rigorous and strict curriculum that focuses on topics like Manufacturing, Sustainability, Computational Modeling, and Biological Complexity. The university has a special program that works on developing efficient nanoparticles that can be used as nano doctors in the future of medicine. It’s a well-equipped university with modern research centers and facilities full of innovative labs. There are a lot of student groups that focus on project-based team research as well as various extracurricular activities.

Why study Missouri University of Science and Technology

Aside from the STEM disciplines this school offers expertise from business management and management systems. Students mostly establish themselves in the fields of Information Technology and expert instructors and high-end equipment allow students to swiftly progress in learning new programming languages and software development methodologies. The computer science often mixes with other STEM disciplines like biology and mathematics.

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12. Stevens Institute of Technology

Stevens Institute of Technology
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition: $54,014

Stevens Institute of Technology was founded in 1870, with a dream of providing science education to American citizens. It was founded by various inventors and visionaries which believed strong education would lead to many discoveries. In the end, it was like that as SIT has a great reputation and provides top-notch education terms for students concentrated in STEM. SIT is equipped with a lot of great facilities and laboratories that assist students in their learning and practicing journey. It has two national research centers – the Maritime Security Center (MSC) and the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC). The MSC focuses on innovations and security, while the latter collaborates with the Department of Defense and collaborates on joint projects with more than 20 universities in System Engineering. Similarly like the other institutes, this one is dominated by Engineering. Additionally, this institution focuses on work in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as well as cybersecurity, information systems, and data science. Another emphasis it has is towards sustainability and life sciences.

Why study Stevens Institute of Technology?

One of the reasons why Steven Institute of Technology caters so much attention is because students are promoted towards visionary activities. In addition to STEM disciplines, students engage in internships and coursework about entrepreneurship and how to start your own STEM business or organization. The student body has a close collaboration with the school body so both team-based and individual coursework is available.

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13. Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology
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  • Tuition: $12,682

Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the most popular and sought after technical and research institutes in the nation. While the main facility is located in Atlanta and consists of two historic buildings, Georgia Institute of Technology has spread its roots towards France, Ireland, and the Far East in China and Singapore. Georgia Institute of Technology focuses its expertise on the building, although it is popular for achievements in pediatric surgery. The school also focuses on STEM disciplines and is a large school. The greatest focus is engineering which has over 15 majors including Biomedical, Environmental, Civil, Industrial, and others. Additionally, Georgia’s Tech Institute also boasts a repository with online courses known as Georgia Tech’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) which have a lot of STEM majors at disposal. The institute spends a lot of money on cutting-edge research and technology each year. It’s also a great educational opportunity because it boasts international exchange programs with the United Kingdom, Hungary, France, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, and China. Students are mainly interested in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Why study Georgia Institute of Technology?

Georgia Institute of Technology is popular for its widespread educational program. That said, it constantly organizes international internships, summer programs, exchange programs and others. It is also widely focused on research and delivering better technology to students. This institute is also great because it focuses on intersection between STEM disciplines and humanities, so it’s a challenging and inspiring educational institution for students who want to be experts at both.

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14. Illinois Institute of Technology

Illinois Institute of Technology
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  • Tuition: $49,280

The Illinois Institute of Technology has a rich history of establishment and a goal to provide education to everyone. Now, it’s a powerful educational institute that boasts a wide spectrum of programs and majors that focus on technology and scientific research. The students studying STEM disciplines at this institute focus on training to excel at various STEM skills. They are trained to become technologically educated and ready to work in technology-oriented environments and organizations. It has a special focus on Engineering, especially in these areas – Health, Energy, Security, and Water. The school has a strong concentration on ecology and sustainability with students mixing and collaborating in various fields and ideas. There are a lot of clubs, facilities, and institutes within the school, with labs focusing purely on technology and science, teaching the students to remain curious and contribute to new inventions and discoveries with their skills. In addition to traditional STEM disciplines, IIT has a program for international students with four STEM business programs – Mathematical Finance, Marketing Analytics, Management Science and Sustainability Management. Most popular programs at IIN include Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and computer science.

Why study at Illinois Institute of Technology?

In addition to the popular STEM disciplines, students can also enjoy various extracurricular activities at the Institute of Design. The school has special emphasis towards aeronautical engineering and other disciplines which aren’t available in wide selection at other universities. There are also over 100 organizations and clubs that hold open doors to the most innovative and creative students.

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15. Stanford University

Stanford University
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  • Tuition: $53,529

Stanford is a well-built educational institute with reputable programs, instructors and facilities. It’s the pioneer at providing STEM education and research options. 17 Nobel laureates, cutting-edge technology, seven successful schools, and first-class education provision are just some of the descriptions of this prestigious university. It has great student satisfaction, as graduates usually find great jobs and have an economic impact on the country, and a special STEM approach. Stanford excels at STEM disciplines, especially in Computer Science, Engineering, Medicine and Biology. Students live on campus, participate in detailed research and get to enjoy the tradition of Stanford’s education. The university spends millions of dollars in providing better assets and resources to research and fund training in biology, medicine, and technology. There are numerous schools and facilities within the university’s reach, including Stanford Health Care, School of Medicine and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. Most popular programs include Human Biology, Mechanical Engineering, as well as Computer Science.

Why study at Stanford University?

Stanford University has the closest connection to the Silicon Valley and technological development at the pace that is happening there. There are internships and projects for the companies in the Silicon Valley that will motivate and inspire students to participate at various research. There are also a lot of valuable studying resources and assets that students can use and a plethora of organizations that students can join.

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16. Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition:$57,119

Despite being a private research university, Carnegie Mellon University is the pioneer of research and innovation. It’s among the 25 universities that have a membership at the World Economic Forum’s Global University Leaders Forum. It has a wide reach, managing to provide educational services on six continents.

The education at CMU focuses on the promotion of STEM, with offering in many fields. Students are mainly interested in Engineering and Computer Science. However, a lot of students also choose to focus on Biology, Medicine and Mathematics. The university also boasts a multi-disciplinary program and 100 centers and institutes where students can earn specialization. This university, especially caters to women, as it promotes female STEM education. The university also focuses on entrepreneurship and how STEM graduates can also focus on the discipline as well as innovation. It also has a great emphasis on artificial intelligence.

Why study at Carnegie Mellon University?

Studying at Carnegie Mellon University, if lucky, can result in earning summer grants and fellowships for hard and dedicated work. There are a lot of rewards for the most dedicated students. There is a special emphasis towards STEM disciplines and well-equipped labs and instructors that motivate students to think outside the box and deliver great results.

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17. Princeton University

Princeton University
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition: $51,870

Princeton has a well-established educational reputation thanks to 65 Nobel laureates, as well as 21 National Medal Science winners and 209 Rhodes Scholars. The university provided a lot of brilliant scientific minds and continues to invest in science and technology. It has an Ivy-league education standard. The STEM disciplines focus on Biology, Computer Science, Operations Research and other disciplines. It also has several research center and a rigorous curriculum which encourages students to partake in summer programs and other extra curriculum activities. There are also a lot of opportunities to connect students with researchers.

Why study at Princeton University?

Princeton University provides world-class educational terms, and a lot of internship and exchange options. Students are constantly motivated through fun and engaging projects that they work either in group or individually. Princeton University also has research centers, and various rewards for the high achievers.

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18. Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition:$51,904

This private university focuses on biology, health sciences, engineering, and business. It is a reputable member of the Association of American University with a great contribution to innovation, science, and research. It focuses on Computer Engineering and Biological Sciences. Its STEM approach focuses on education and research in many of its facilities and labs. It also has a lab for women and hybrid degrees that students can combine.

Why study at Case Western Reserve University?

Students who have always had a sense of innovation and invention can find their home at this university. The rich alumni and various research focus are just the testament of this university’s concentration of STEM and developing futureproof solutions. The university also has its own medical school and great collaboration with other universities and facilities.

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19. Purdue University

Purdue University
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition:$9,992

This university focuses on Mechanical and Industrial Engineering as well as Computer Science. It also has a great emphasis on agriculture and technology. It has over 30,000 students enrolled. Its STEM focus has vastly improved over the past few years, with the university redesigning its program and over 62 courses so they adapt to STEM principles. The sole interest of the education at Purdue University is for students to improve the interaction between the students and the educational body, as well as group hands-on projects.

Why study at Purdue?

Being a large university, Purdue encourages social interaction and team-based projects, teambuilding, brainstorming and all the modern skills and habits. As mentioned above, the university focuses on agriculture and technology and students often intersect these two activities to come up with innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

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20. Harvard University

Harvard University
Image Source: Own Your Own Future
  • Tuition: $51,925

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Harvard University, which is the pioneer of scientific learning, it provides specialized academics in STEM, focuses on high-end research in addition to strict curriculum and culture of engagement. There are a lot of STEM options, especially in Biology and Computer Science. Still, students also focus on engineering and mathematics. There are a lot of emerging programs that aim to educate students and provide even better educational quality. There are over 20 programs with a focus on STEM, as well as multidisciplinary options. Harvard is a massive institute, so it’s equipped with numerous research facilities with great equipment and tech, which will attract a lot of students interested in STEM.

Why study at Harvard University?

Harvard University offers a lot of opportunities to study for both richer and poorer families. Students participate in high-grade research, network with professors, alumni and other students and partake in extensive extracurricular activities. Also, Harvard has many options that allow students to graduate debt-free.

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