How Long is Barber School
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How Long is Barber School? (1,500 Hours of Training)

If you are creative and have a passion for hairstyling, you’re probably interested in applying to Barber School. If you are, you are surely interested in how long it takes to finish Barber School.

The duration of Barber School programs depends on the barbering program of your choice and the state of study. Nevertheless, whatever length of the barbering program of your choice is, now is the perfect time to enroll in a Barber School. Why? According to Forbes barbering is one of the coolest and fastest-growing professions in the US today. It’s an interesting career path open to everyone looking forward to creating a personal connection with friends, neighbors, and an entire community through an old-school barbershop or a high-end barbershop. Being a barber is not just a profession, it’s a way of life! Barbershop customers what to look better and feel better after meeting their barber. So, if you want to be the best in the business, first choose a quality Barber School, learn how long it takes to complete it, and how long you’ll need to become a licensed barber ready to take on the first customer.

If you are a full-time student usually your educational path to becoming a qualified barber can take a school year, or up to two years if you are a part-time student or an apprentice. Don’t forget, you’ll need extra time for the barber license exam at the end of your barbering program or apprenticeship. Speaking in barbering program terms that’s around 1500 hours of class work and hands-on training.

We will take you on an exploration tour that will show you what it takes to become a barber, how long is barber school state-wise, and how long you’ll need to get your barber license exam. Read on to find out what’s the necessary Barber School length for the completion of your education and the beginning of your career as a barber.

Who Can Become a Barber?

Anyone who wants to become a barber and has the talent and skills to show for can become a barber. If you are at least 16 years old, and you think you have what it takes to become a barber including a high school diploma or a GED you can apply for a Barber School. The next step would be finding an accredited Barber School that will train you and make you eligible for the barbering licensure exam.

Some US states enable you instead of schooling to choose an apprenticeship for the mandatory training hours, but that is twice the length of a Barber School. Gender-wise everyone is welcome in the barbering industry, but at the moment it’s a male-dominated field. According to the 2020 DATA USA chart, 78,9% of barbers were male, and only 21,1% were female.

How Long is Barber School?

There’s no simple answer that will explain how long is Barber School because the length of the Barber School depends on different factors. We will take into consideration all necessary aspects to get you as close as we can to your answer. First, the length of the barbering program is in direct connection to the school of your choice and the state.

Typically, a Barber School involves 1,500 hours of training which takes around 10 months with full enrollment. During this time, you will have the chance to learn theory and practice from trained professors and learn the skills of the barbering trade. Accredited Barber Schools where you will receive hands-on training and take coursework in theory will award you with a barbering certificate when you graduate, and a possibility to take on the barbering licensure exam. As we mentioned earlier the length of the barbering program is different in various states. Therefore, in some states, once you enroll in Barber School you will have less than 1,500 hours of required classes to qualify as a barber, and in some states, you will have more. Now let’s see how long is Barber School state-wise:

1. How Long is Barber School in New York?

If you are looking for a quicker way to become a barber, you can do that in the state of New York. There are many Barber Schools in New York offering students the opportunity of completing their barbering program in less than the usual 10 months. One of those Barber Schools is the Tribeca Beauty School which offers not one but two short programs:

  • The first is the express barber program that includes 360 hours of training, equivalent to 3 months
  • The second is the master barber program that includes 510 hours, equivalent to 4 months

As you can see the state of New York has a way of placing you in the barbershop faster than you can imagine!

2. How Long is Barber School in California?

To become a licensed barber in the state of California, first you need to finish a training program of at least 1,000 hours, and then apply for the licensure exam. Speaking of length, for a full-time enrollment you will need a little more than 6 months.

These 6 months encompass both training hours and practical hands-on training. Once you finish your training, you’re obligated to take a practical and written exam, supervised by the California Board of Barbering and Cosmetology and the National Interstate Council of the Board of Cosmetology (NIC).

So, the state of California also offers shorter barbering programs enabling you to reach your goal faster and start working as a licensed barber as soon as possible.

3. How Long is Barber School in Texas?

The state of Texas has similar rules as the state of California, so you will need around 1,000 hours of training to become a licensed barber in Texas. This means that for full-time enrollment, or 7 hours a day, 5 days a week, you will need almost 7 months to reach the projected barbering program goal of 1,000 hours.

If we consider the fact that not everyone can attend a full-time program, due to other obligations, an average student will need closer to a year to finish training before taking the state licensing exam. Some barbering programs in Texas offer the possibility of taking the barbering course at your own pace and availability. In that case for a full-time barber career training program, you will need about 8 months.

During the 1,000 course hours in the Barber School of your choice in Texas, you will be able to acquire hands-on training working in a salon environment.

4. How Long is Barber School in Pennsylvania?

The state of Pennsylvania’s rules regarding the length of the barbering program necessary for becoming a licensed barber is different than previous states on our list, as it lasts longer. According to Pennsylvania state law, you will need a total of 1250 hours of instruction at an approved licensed barber school to become a certified barber. It will take you around 9 months to finish your entire barbering training, which will equip you to apply for the barber license. There are many Barber Schools in Pennsylvania, and the Premier Barber Institute is one of them. For more details on how Barber Schools work in the state of Pennsylvania check out this institute’s program, where you can learn about haircuts, hair grooming, and much more. Bear in mind that after you finish training you have to pass both the written and practical exams and pay fees regarding your barbering licensure.

So, in Pennsylvania, if you want to become a barber and obtain the Pennsylvania Barber’s License you will need more time than in the states like New York, Texas, and California.

5. How Long is Barber School in Nevada?

The state of Nevada regulations as any other state on our list requires graduating from a barber training program before getting a Nevada barbering license. To meet the Nevada Board expectations, you need to finish at least 1500 hours of training from an official Barber School.

Furthermore, in the state of Nevada it’s necessary to fulfill the following Nevada Barber’s Health and Sanitation Board conditions:

  • You must complete the required 1500 hours of training
  • Of those 1500 hours, 200 hours should be dedicated to theory, and 1300 to practical barber services

Therefore, if you decide to enroll in a Barber School in Nevada, be prepared for long hours of training before starting you’ll actual career as a professional barber.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Barber License?

Now that you know how long is Barber School in different states, let’s see how long it takes to get a barber license. To apply for the licensure exam, you will need to complete your accredited barbering program first. As soon as you finish you can start the application process in your state of residence. Apply and wait for the licensure board to review your application and notify you of your eligibility to take the exam. Remember, the length and the type of exam depend on the state of residence.

For instance, in California, the barber exam is comprised of both written and practical parts. Therefore, if you are a California resident you will need a total of 5 hours (an hour and a half for your written test, and three hours for your practical test) to complete the entire exam.

Once you obtain your barber license, don’t forget to renew it according to your state’s regulations by paying an additional renewal fee.

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By the end of this article, you should have a clearer picture of how long it takes to finish Barber School and get a barber license. Become an irreplaceable part of the barbering industry, and show your talent, skills, and creativity in a quality Barber School that will prepare you to start your career as an aspiring barber.

Choose a barber program that meets your time availability and your standards. But, whatever the length, make sure you choose a state-licensed Barber School that will prepare you for the written and practical board exams necessary to get your state’s barber license. With the barber license in your hand, you will be prepared to show your future clients your talents and skills in hair cutting, buzz cutting, tapering, side and back fading, razor cutting, and more.

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