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How to Make School Go by Faster: 6 Useful Tips (With Pics)

Does your day at school seem like forever? Do you often daydream during classes? Do you constantly look at the clock and feel like only a minute has passed? If you do, you should learn how to make school go by faster.

Let’s remember science class and Einstein’s witty explanation of the relativity theory: “When you sit with a nice girl for two hours you think it’s only a minute, but when you sit on a hot stove for a minute you think it’s two hours”. According to his interesting comparison to make school go by faster you need to find something that interests you, something you enjoy doing to make time fly by.

To make things easier for you we’ve arranged a list of things to do to make school go by faster. We don’t want you to torture yourself with boring and meaningless tasks that’ll make you feel like you’re sitting on a hot stove where minutes turn to hours. Read the list, and use these useful tips to fight boredom and make school go by faster!

6 Tips on How to Make School Go by Faster

Every student wants to know the answer to the question: How to make school go by faster? A simple question, that doesn’t have a simple answer. We’ve combined our personal experience and our extensive research to create this list of 6 tips on how to make school go by faster:

1. Don’t Look at the Clock!

Don’t look at the clock is the first and most important tip on the list because it’s essential to make time go by faster. But, this tip alone all by itself won’t do the trick. You can’t make school go by faster, just by not looking at the clock. You need to combine it with other things to make it work. You need to take matters into your own hands.

Take initiative and think about why one class seems like forever. What’s the problem? When you give a straight answer to this question you’ll be one step closer to its solution. Be true to yourself if you want to make school go by faster. Once you’re aware of the problem to overcome the issue start creating a list of things to do. Here’s where Einstein’s wisdom comes in handy. Fight time with your initiative to make things interesting and fun.

Even in the “darkest” of subjects try to find a ray of “light”. Be curious enough to find meaning even in the most meaningless lessons. There’s always something interesting to learn and research, you just need the right approach.

2. Don’t Stare into Space!

Yes, it’s very important not to stare into space in hope that the school bell will ring. That’s the second thing on our list that you should avoid if you want to make school go by faster.

Occupy your mind with something else, something that doesn’t have anything to do with time. Maybe it sounds like a cliché “time flies when you’re having fun”, but this statement is spot-on. When you’re having fun you’re not bothered with the concept of time. You are just enjoying having fun at the moment. So, staring off into space isn’t the distraction for your mind that you’re looking for. Rather try to:

  • Creatively take notes (Drawings rather than writings)
  • Suggest work in groups or pairs (Teachers like students that think outside the box)
  • Interact with your classmates (Compare notes, discuss)
  • Share ideas that concern the subject in question (A new idea is always welcomed)
  • Find a way to express yourself (If IT is your thing use it to present your work, and if art is your passion show your creative side in your presentation)

When you use these tips in class, you’ll realize that trying to make school go faster just by staring off into space was not one of your best ideas.

3. Pay Attention and Do the Work

Even though you may think that most of the school work is meaningless, we’re going to ask you to step back from that position. But at the same time, we would like you to remember, that this list is about how to make school go by faster. Therefore if you don’t look at the clock and you don’t stare into space you have to occupy your mind with something. So here’s where paying attention and doing the work comes along.

The best way to occupy your mind at school is to do whatever the teacher gives you. If you still think that’s boring, think about the result. If you pay attention and do the work in school, it’s easy to get good grades. That doesn’t mean that your work has to be top quality, but it’s distracting and it makes time go by faster. Since you’re a part of the school system, it’s clever to do what you’re supposed to. Even the bare minimum will help you finish the tasks and be free to do something else.

4. Be an Active Listener

Besides the fact that you have to pay attention and do the work in school, you also have to be an active listener. When you become an active listener you’ll be in a position to ask questions that interest you. And whatever the topic of the lesson is, you’ll always find even the smallest thing of your interest and ask the right questions. Why you may ask? By asking the right questions, you’ll open an interesting discussion, a debate even that’ll make time go faster.

Sometimes an open discussion can last the entire class, and maybe open the possibility for a continuing debate on the next one. So, time will fly by and you’ll be occupied with things you like talking about and thinking about. This tip can help you out in any class, but it’s especially useful for history, social studies, language, arts, and almost every class where there’s an opportunity to interpret topics from a different point of view. Being an active listener gives you the opportunity to listen, and ask the right question even if you’re not that interested in the subject.

You can even pretend you don’t agree with the teacher’s perspective just to stir up the pot and make the class even more interesting. Interesting means fun, and as we mentioned time does fly by if you’re having fun. At the end of the class besides having fun, you’ll learn something that will surely be useful and help you get good grades.

5. Have FUN between Classes

Try to have fun between classes! It’ll help you loosen up and focus for the next class. Listen to your favorite music, or play your favorite game on your phone in between classes. If the school’s or teacher’s policy is against cell phones, then you can still bring a book, a comic book, a scrapbook, or a magazine to read or share with your friends. Or you can just hang out with your friends and talk about the things you like, or just play and have fun in the schoolyard. That way, you’ll always have something small but fun to look forward to between classes.

Don’t forget, you can’t drop out of school, so you might as well make it much more tolerable! And having fun between classes is one of the ways to go! You’ll end up having fun, forming a bond with your friends, or even making new friends. Don’t hesitate, if you want to make school go by faster, use every available resort and have fun between classes!

6. Look Forward to an Interesting Activity after School

When there are only a few classes left of your school day, and you just can’t wait for it to the end, try to look forward to an interesting activity after school. Think about your plans after school. If you’re looking forward to:

  • Play video games

Think in detail, about the particular video game you’re going to play. Are you playing alone, or with some other friends online? Think about the tactic, the excitement, and that next level you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Spend time with your friends

Think about the things you can do while spending time with your friends. Are you more of an indoor or outdoor person? What sports activities, games, or hobbies can you include while hanging out with your friends?

  • Go to the movies

Remember the thrill of seeing the long-anticipated movie with your family or friends. Think of the fun you’ll have at the movies and the things you could talk about with your classmates the day after.

Once you occupy your mind with after-school adventure those last classes will pass in no time.


Maybe at first, these tips will seem like too much trouble just to make school go by faster. But once you start applying them bit by bit, one class at a time, one day at a time you’ll see the results for yourself.

Be persistent! Don’t fall back on the first obstacle. Try and try again to succeed in your mission and make school go by faster. Fight school boredom and useless staring in class, daydreaming, sleeping, and doodling, by taking initiative.

Believe it or not, you’ll end up having fun at school. Once you find the things of your interest, even the smallest ones, and use them to your benefit, the entire school day will pass in no time. Besides making time go faster you get to learn something and have fun in class with your classmates. And isn’t that what school’s all about?

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