25 Best Online Masters in Computer Science (2023 Updated)

Computer science and informational technologies have reached their peak over the last few years and there are more students enrolling in college with the ambition to become successful programmers, system analysts or data scientists. While choosing the right bachelor’s degree in computer science seems relatively easy and straightforward, choosing the right master’s degree in computer science can be a bigger challenge.

Many bachelor degree graduates situate at junior development positions, internships or start a business on their own, making it more difficult to pursue a master’s degree. Fortunately, the internet has brought the opportunity to study online, meaning that a lot of masters now can be enrolled online. In this article, we’ve focused on the best online masters in computer science, make sure to check them out.

1. Syracuse University

Syracuse University online master

Tuition: $$$

Syracuse University holds a high rank when it comes to preparing students for working in computer security. In fact, a lot of American security organizations rely on this university to produce great graduates to work with sensitive files and data.

The university hosts an advanced training program that technically enables students to partake in engaging challenges in breaching security flaws. Computer science course is one of the most demanding, yet popular programs in the institution.

It has a very strict and fast-paced curriculum that teaches students about different kinds of operating systems and their flaws, structured and functional programming, formal development methodologies and more.

Another thing worth noting is that this is a program that does require on-campus engagement, despite being an online course, so that students would work together with each other and develop critical thinking skills in a team and expand their networking.

Link: https://engineeringonline.syr.edu/admissions/

2. Georgia Tech – College of Computing

Tuition: $170/credit

Georgia Tech-based in Atlanta offers advanced computer science master programs online. It is a large-scale university that also functions as a research center consisting of 34 colleges and schools. The best part of the College of Computing is that students can get their master’s degree online. There are a lot of options for students and straightforward ways for them to specialize in one of the multiple professions within the computer science field.

A lot of students specialize in AI, computational perception and even robotics. Some of the courses combine to create an interactive learning experience with courses like human-robot interaction. Additionally, students can raise expertise in the field of computational photography and computing systems. Once they graduate, candidates will be well-versed with different software architectures, aspects and measures to make a network more secure and operating system. Students who choose to specialize in interactive intelligence learn about health informatics and education tech. Lastly, students will engage in activities with machine learning, big data, and various learning models and algorithms.

The graduates of this online master’s program can be praised because a lot of career options are open for them. They can communicate virtually with a career advisor who will encourage them to take the career path that would suit them the best. Lastly, the college teaches about how to behave at interviews, how to write a resume and search for a job and how to set the right hourly rate and negotiate the salary.

Link: https://www.omscs.gatech.edu/

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3. Colorado Technical University

CTU Graduation

Tuition: $

Colorado Technical University has various studying programs in computer science. One of them is the online MA in Computer Science which consists of 48-credits.

Students will immerse themselves into a rigorous curriculum of intense studying and learn the basics of computer networks. They will also learn more about how operating systems work and the fundamentals of software engineering.

After that, the specialization towards their desirable career comes forth. Students can concentrate on one of the following courses: General computer science, database systems and computer system security and software engineering.

The university also collaborates with various firms that offer internships and junior positions. That said, students will emerge into various projects and challenges and collaborate with their employers to make their first project.

Link: https://www.coloradotech.edu/degrees/masters/computer-science

4. Drexel University

Tuition: $$

Drexel University’s college of computing and informatics sports various online masters from computer science, and one of the most praised is the MS of Computer Science.

Students who enroll will take on online courses from distributed systems, operating systems, computer networks, cognitive modeling, and other courses.

There is a versatile 24/7 tech support that helps students study and overcome challenges from the subjects they are taking. They can also access the career planning services and library.

The requirement for this program is having a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or Software Engineering at a regionally accepted institution. Additionally, they need a GPA of or higher than 3.0 in the final two years of their bachelor’s education.

Link: https://drexel.edu/grad/programs/cci/

5. West Virginia University

Tuition: $

Morgantown-based West Virginia University is widely praised for its research and specialization in various fields. Specializations in computer science are no exception.

It’s one of the most-recognized STEM degree holders and specializes students in fields like radio astronomy, cybersecurity, computer engineering and more.

The university offers an online master’s program which includes a 30-credit hour thesis or non-thesis option for three more credits. There are five main courses that focus on Software Evolution, Validation, and Verification. There are weekly evening courses online where students can discuss in life with the professor, as well as other students.

West Virginia University collaborates with some of the most recognized security organizations. It partnered with the FBI to give better support to students who want to engage in cybersecurity and other fields.

Link: https://online.wvu.edu/

6. North American University


North American University was founded in 2007 in Houston. It is a part of the Texas Gulf Institute and offers a variety of computer science programs, among which is an online graduate computer science program.

Given it hosted a small number of students it performed a rebranding and is now known as North American University and is located on campus in Stafford. Students enrolling in these programs focus on Computer Science, Business Administration, and Education courses.

The department of Computer Science concentrates on fundamental pieces of programming and technology and then moves towards the practical application. The MS in Computer Science focuses on the collaborative learning process where students immerse into the knowledge from computer networks, software engineering, database administration, and other important classes. It’s a fast-paced program that lets students graduate within only 16 months.

Link: http://www.na.edu/degree-programs/graduate-programs/m-s-computer-science/

7. University of Bridgeport

Tuition: $$

The U.S. News and World Report list this university and program as one of the best and most perspective programs in the nation. The coursework consists of 34 credit hours, which students perform online in entirety.

Students polish their skills from mathematics and science and then focus on technology to open more career options.

The program is flexible and affordable and immerses students into the subjects of Data Science, operating systems, computer networks, and other courses. It is a flexible program because students can stretch it to up to three years by completing only two courses at a time.

Link: https://www.bridgeport.edu/academics/schools-colleges/school-engineering/masters-computer-science-ms-online-degree

8. Illinois Institute of Technology

Tuition: $$

Illinois Institute of Technology earned its recognition through years of dedicated research and focus on expending advanced skills necessary for the tech industry at the moment. There are no specializations at this university, but bachelor’s of Computer Science can study online with ease.

It mainly focuses on practical training which opens more career possibilities to students. Students can combine their courses and create their own plan at their own pace. It’s considered one of the oldest computer science curriculums in the nation, which is why professors and tutors are open to collaborate and teach from basics to fundamentals. Students learn a lot of programming, computer networks and much more. Later, they have a lot of internship offers which they should use to find a respectable job.

Link: https://www.iit.edu/academics/programs/computer-science-ms

9. Lewis University

Tuition: $

Lewis University offers practical degrees in both its undergraduate and graduate programs in the computer science field. It’s practical in a way that will encourage students to use their heads and develop a problem-solving attitude. The students, instead of working on lessons regularly, focus on learning things while preparing their thesis.

They also have a lot of homework and projects that they need to complete within the curriculum. This faculty particularly excels at teaching cybersecurity which is also listed as one of the main concentrations of the university. Other concentrations that students can enroll in are software engineering and intelligent systems.

Link: https://online.lewisu.edu/mscs

10. Florida Atlantic University

Tuition: $-$$

Florida Atlantic University boasts some of the most affordable online master programs in computer science. Students who are looking for a flexible studying experience often seek support within this university. Students can choose different methods to graduate. There is an option to study with a thesis and without a thesis. Even though it’s relatively affordable, it also boasts a lot of financial aid options and a flexible schedule that allows students to attend classes at any time of the day. The program focuses on algorithms, their analysis, and design, operating systems and computer networks.

Link: http://fauelearning.com/fauonline/portfolio-items/computer-science-ms-online/

11. Stanford University

Tuition: $$$

The flexible program offered by Stanford University gives students attending online the freedom to take classes anytime they want and complete their studies from three to five years.

The program itself focuses on algorithm design and analysis, operating systems, computer organization and computer network. Still, students can enroll in a course specialization and become proficient at topics like Artificial Intelligence, computer, and network security and biocomputation.

It’s worth noting that this program is significantly more expensive than some programs offered in this list but it’s offered by a prestigious institution.

Link: https://scpd.stanford.edu/public/category/courseCategoryCertificateProfile.do?method=load&certificateId=1240861

12. University of Idaho

Tuition: $-$$

Students enrolling in online masters in computer science at the University of Idaho will immerse themselves into the fundamentals behind how computers work as effectively as they work today.

They’ll learn both theory and practical application and understand the way humans interact with machines. Students who enroll in this online program are already working full-time which means there’s a lot of flexibility in choosing the number of classes per semester, meaning graduation is also flexible and they can graduate anywhere from three to five years.

There is also a number of scholarships offered to the students with even more internships from technological companies that are on the look for a skilled computer engineer.

Link: https://eo.uidaho.edu/cs-degree

13. University of West Florida

Tuition: $

The University of West Florida offers several graduate degrees in computer science that candidates can complete online. There is a number of concentrations as well, but students enjoy the same level of attention regardless of their choice. Students take lectures online while partaking in research in the digital laboratories. They have access to an online library, research projects, and various other opportunities. The university also has a rich alumni politics, with a lot of them being employed in tech giants like Microsoft.

Link: https://uwf.edu/cse/departments/computer-science/graduate-programs/software-engineering-ms/#form

14. Colorado State University

Tuition: $

Colorado State University’s online masters in computer science provide students with a flexible opportunity to improve their knowledge and expertise and earn a degree. The students enjoy great attention from the staff and teachers despite working online. The university is experts in various fields including parallel computing, artificial intelligence, deep and machine learning and others. Students get the fundamental knowledge about programming, computer networks, and other fields. It’s also worth noting that students enjoy a huge percentage in job placement rates and are likely to get employed before they graduate. Students learn at a fast pace and enjoy creating innovation, participating in research and exponential growth in technology.

Link: https://www.online.colostate.edu/degrees/computer-science/

15. Columbus State University

Tuition: $

Programs offered by Columbus State University prepare students to concentrate on a plethora of fields to enhance their knowledge and skills. Students embark on a journey about computer networking, simulations, system and database modeling, and various other disciplines. Most successful students become game developers, creating in-game simulations, network managers, and software developers. The program consists of 34 credits, which consists of elective subjects and concentrated courses.

Link: https://academics.columbusstate.edu/catalogs/current/reqs/cobcs_msapcompsci.php

16. University of Florida

Tuition: $$

The University of Florida is one of the most versatile universities and is a gathering spot for multiple nationalities and cultures. Its computer science program online is also extremely flexible, with an emphasis to provide as detailed and consistent information flow as possible. Given that the courses are given in a parallel manner, students can attend and complete them when they feel like it. The University of Florida offers additional specialization and certification in addition to the regular online graduate degree from Hardware and Systems Security.

Link: https://distance.ufl.edu/masters/

17. Columbia University

Columbia University Online master

Tuition: $$

Columbia University established its recognition and honors a long time ago. Its online masters in computer science focus on software systems with an emphasis on software development and development methodologies. This particular concentration combines various courses that will teach students how to successfully develop software from scratch. The school focuses on fundamental aspects of programming, computer networking, protocols, design patterns, and other aspects. Students will understand the difference between various computer languages and which compilers, or interpreters they use. Those who are eager to pursuing web development and design options will also learn the difference between the user interface and user experience.


18. Georgia Southern University

Tuition: $-$$

Georgia Southern University aims to provide more concentration on big data concepts like data warehouses, ETL, data mining and others more so than the other universities. Students interested in data science and artificial intelligence may be more interested in completing one of these programs. It requires 30 hours to complete and is flexible for students who can choose when to study what. There are a lot of financial aid options, as well as internships. Beyond everything, the tuition fee is relatively affordable at $6K for the residents of Georgia.


19. Purdue University

Tuition: $

Purdue University teaches students multiple disciplines with a plethora of programs at their disposal. Students can concentrate on Data Mining, Graphics, Visualization, and Distributed informational systems. Additionally, candidates can immerse themselves in the algorithms and how they compute, as well as quality assurance and cybersecurity.

Students can study flexibly and distribute their classes accordingly. If the students are employed, they can easily arrange to take time off from the college to focus on their own matters. They can also choose flexible studying time and decide when they’ll take classes. In addition to the program, the school offers a lot of professional certifications that students can specialize in. Lastly, students can choose to enroll in a non-thesis program as well as a thesis program.


20. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Tuition: $$

University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering’s UNITE Distributed Learning office distributes interactive coursework with a lot of learning opportunities. Students can attend lectures online at any time they want and consult with academic advisors, their peers, and multiple research groups that are at the disposal. Instead of focusing in-depth on research, the programs work in a way to establish students to work in high-achieving companies and participate in top-notch programs. They can work in animation, game development, sensors, computer networking, cryptography and much more. The university also collaborates with tech giants like Microsoft, Google, and IBM to provide steady employment for the best students ahead of their graduation.

Link: https://online.umn.edu/degrees-certificates/master-computer-science

21. Auburn University

Tuition: $

Auburn University’s online master program can be completed in computer science and software engineering and according to the U.S. News and World Report ranking, it ranks as 15th in the country. Students will engage in theoretical studies, practical application and will have to experience things first-hand. The university is equipped with various resources that make studying easier with several specializations at students’ disposal. Students can choose to specialize in computer networks, data science, cybersecurity, and other directions.

Link: https://www.auburn.edu/online/graduate_programs.htm

22. John Hopkins University

Tuition: $$$

This program although more expensive than others gives a unique value to students who want to immerse themselves into computer science. They will learn how to adapt to a changing field and understand systems like database systems, systems theory, management, and others. The best part is that students can customize their learning system so that it’d be adjusted to them and have a more personal value. They will learn both mathematical and technological subjects which will prepare them for the workforce in computer science.

Link: https://ep.jhu.edu/programs-and-courses/programs/computer-science

23. Steven’s Institute of Technology

Steven’s Institute of Technology Master Degree

Tuition: $$

Steven’s Institute of Technology’s online master program offers a set of interesting subjects that will enable candidates to apply complex computer algorithms and problem-solving knowledge to solve modern problems in computer science. Students get technological background from computer networks, cybersecurity and software engineering. In the beginning, students choose their core subjects and then move forward individually. There are graduate certificate programs like Software Development, Network and Systems Administration, Cloud Computing, Secure Systems, and Databases.

Link: https://www.stevens.edu/academics/stevens-online/available-programs/schaefer-school-engineering-science

24. North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University Master of Science Program

Tuition: $

Candidates who already have a job but need to improve their expertise can enjoy the versatile and flexible computer science program that functions entirely online. The only thing candidates must complete is a coursework, so there’s no master thesis or examination. Students can also choose the number of courses they’ll take per semester, mostly two, so that they can keep up with their work and other activities, with 31 graduate credit hours required in total. There are also a lot of internship options for students.

Link: https://www.csc.ncsu.edu/academics/graduate/degrees/mcsdl.php

25. East Carolina University

Tuition: $

The utmost goal of East Carolina University is to establish experts in computer science and software engineering with its online master program. Students later on become successful web designers, programmers and software engineers. The university focuses on teaching both theory and practical application of software engineering with an emphasis on the C# language. The university utilizes engineering assets such as Rational Rose. The graduate students are taught to predict new trends in computer science and make the best out of them. Once they graduate, candidates will understand how computers currently work but will also take a chance to earn a specialization in fields such as robotics. The best part of this online program is its tuition that is affordable and offers several financial aid options in addition to that.

Link: https://cet.ecu.edu/csci/

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